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Webpage highlights new materials at the Libraries

The Libraries are pleased to introduce the "This just in ... New stuff in the Libraries" webpage, which highlights new books and other materials acquired and made available to the public in the previous month. The "This just in..." webpage organizes new materials in four sections. The first section lists selected items in broad subject categories, touching most areas of scholarly interest and inquiry at Rutgers. The second section features recent arrivals of U.S. government publications, organized by agency. The third section lists new media materials, and the final section lists new online resources.

Users who find new material of interest can click on a "check IRIS" link, to see which Rutgers library holds the material and whether the material is currently available or is checked out to another user.

To access "This just in ..." from the front page of the Libraries website, please follow the path: Search IRIS and Other Catalogs > This just in... New Stuff in the Libraries.

Posted January 23, 2009