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IRIS no more

In the interests of clarity, the Libraries are preparing to set aside the current title for one of our bedrock resources.

One of the recommendations of a recent major study of the Libraries (report issued Nov. 2009) was that we strive to "simplify/change labels" and to "minimize library jargon." The Libraries' Web Board determined that one place where this advice should be implemented is in the name of our integrated Rutgers information system (IRIS). Recent research has shown that many of our peer institutions' libraries use the more easily understood term 'catalog' or 'library catalog' to identify this central resource.

Accordingly, the Web Board suggested that the name 'IRIS' be changed to 'Library Catalog' and this proposal was endorsed the governing bodies of the Rutgers University Libraries. The University Librarian's Cabinet recommended that this change be implemented as of July 1st.

For more information on this change, please send an inquiry via our online Ask A Librarian service.

Posted June 30, 2011