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New Feature = Dow Jones Interactive

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to now offer Dow Jones Interactive. This resource, which includes four distinct services, is available on the Libraries' Indexes pages, on the 'Alphabetical Page' and on the 'Social Sciences and Law' index page.

Dow Jones Interactive includes these services:

  • Business Newsstand: Current and most recent back issues of the world's leading newspapers and selected business magazines.
  • Dow Jones Publications Library: Articles in full text from 6,000 leading business newspapers, magazines, trade journals and newsletters and
  • Company & Industry Center: Summaries of business reports, market research reports, company screening and investment analysts reports on companies and industries.
  • Web Center: Industry-specific, top news sites, non-english, regional, and reference sites.

The search guide for Dow Jones Interactive is online, accessible by clicking on the ' ? ' in the gold tool bar within DJI.