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Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS)

Need a book or journal article from another Rutgers Library? We'll get it for you!

The Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) provides delivery of Rutgers resources among the Rutgers libraries and to off-campus pickup sites. We will also retrieve items from your local library and hold them for you to pick up. Articles are delivered electronically as PDF documents.


Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff who are currently enrolled or employed may use the Rutgers Delivery Service. Students, faculty, and staff teaching or taking courses on the Camden Urban Campus of Camden County College or Rowan University; UMDNJ students, faculty, house staff, and staff covered by the reciprocal borrowing agreement between Rutgers University Libraries and the University Libraries of UMDNJ or in joint Rutgers-UMD programs; Emeritus faculty; and students, faculty, and staff of the Rutgers Newark and Camden law schools are also eligible for RDS. Alumni and community borrowers are not eligible for this service.

If you are not eligible to use the Rutgers Delivery Service, the following organizations offer document delivery to individuals for a fee and may be of interest: Infotrieve Document Delivery and NYPL Express.

How to Request Delivery


Find the record of the book you need in the Library Catalog and click on the "Book Delivery/Recall" button. Enter your NetID or library barcode, PIN, and select the library where you want to pick up the book.

Use the "Item Special Request" button to request books under special circumstances:

  • You need a book delivered to a Rutgers law library or off-campus pickup site,
  • The item has a Status of ON-ORDER,
  • The item is in a Reference collection (REF) and you would like delivery to your local Rutgers library for 5 days of In-Library use.
  • The item is in a noncirculating library (ART, JAZZ, SPCOL/UA) or has a Type-Circulate? code ending in "-N" and you need delivery to a different Rutgers campus for 5 days of In-Library use (Camden, New Brunswick/Piscataway, Newark).

If all Rutgers copies of a book are CHECKEDOUT, search the PALCI catalog and if the item is available, place an E-ZBorrow request for quick delivery from another academic library. You may also recall a CHECKEDOUT item in the Library Catalog using the "Book Delivery/Recall" option and request delivery to any Rutgers pickup library. The person who currently has the item will be notified to bring it back within 14 days.

Telephone requests to retrieve, deliver and hold books are not accepted; you must use the request forms in the Library Catalog or the PALCI (E-ZBorrow) catalog.

Chapters in Books

Pages and chapters in circulating books are not eligible for the article delivery service. Please request delivery of circulating books using the "Book Delivery/Recall" button in the Library Catalog.

Journal Articles

Logon to the Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services web page and select the "Article Request" form. Enter as much information about your article as possible.

If you request an article over 30 pages for delivery from a library on a different campus (Camden, New Brunswick/Piscataway, or Newark), the entire volume will be delivered for to your pickup library for five days of in-library use. If you request an article over 30 pages from a library on your home campus(Camden, New Brunswick/Piscataway, or Newark), your request will be cancelled; please retrieve and copy the article yourself. Copyright regulations preclude copying journal issues in their entirety.

If you request an article in a periodical that circulates (PERIODICL-Y), the entire volume will be sent to your pickup library.

If you submit more than 10 requests at one time they will be processed as time permits and you may be contacted to prioritize your requests.

Materials that are ON-ORDER, PENDING, or IN-PROCESS

Use the "Item Special Request" button to request items that have a Status of ON-ORDER. Use the "Book Delivery/Recall" button to request items that are PENDING or IN PROCESS.


Journal articles in microform will be copied and delivered electronically as PDF documents if a specific citation is given. Amount of copying, requesting, and delivery guidelines are the same for articles in print and microform.

Some microform is available for loan. Use the "Item Special Request" option in the Library Catalog to request microform on loan. In libraries with fiche duplicating capabilities, a fiche copy may be provided. In other libraries, the fiche may be loaned.

Items Not in the Library Catalog

If you need an uncataloged government document or an uncataloged microform delivered, print and fill out a paper Rutgers Delivery Service form (Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) — Uncataloged Materials [PDF]) and fax it to the owning Rutgers library.


Use the Media Materials booking request form to book media materials to preview or for classroom use.


If you wish to cancel a book hold or request, write to Ask A Librarian. Include your name and the title of the item. You will receive email notification whenever a hold or request is cancelled. As soon as a hold is cancelled, it is removed from your "My Library Account" file the in .

Holds will be cancelled when placed on single copies of items that are later discovered to be missing, and when items have been held for you for 14 days at your pickup library and not picked up.

If you wish to cancel an article request, logon to the Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services webpage. Select "Outstanding Requests," find the article request you wish to cancel and click on its transaction number in the left-hand column. Click on "Cancel Request" at the top of the Transaction Information screen. The canceled request is removed from "Outstanding Requests" and can be viewed under "Cancelled Requests."



You will receive email messages when books are available to check out. You will also receive messages from the Libraries in your "My Library Account" "Checkouts, Catalog Requests, and Bills" file. If you requested delivery to a law library or off-campus site, books will be checked out to you before shipment and will be listed in your "Checkouts" file.

Holds are removed from your "My Library Account" file when the hold is canceled or when you check out the item. Requests are removed from your "My Library Account" file fourteen days after they are filled or cancelled or twenty-eight days after the library recalls an item to satisfy a request.


You will receive email notification when an article is ready to view. Logon to the Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services webpage and click on "Electronically Received Articles" to view your article.


There is no charge for book delivery among any of the Rutgers libraries and to off-campus sites listed in the pickup pull-down menu.

There is no charge for web delivery of 1-30 page articles from the non-circulating collections of any Rutgers library.

Typical Turnaround Times

The typical turnaround time for books is 2-5 weekdays and for articles it is 1-2 weekdays.

The delivery time for a book depends on its status in the Library Catalog. Books that are PENDING or IN-PROCESS may take longer than 2-5 days. Books that are CHECKEDOUT and need to be recalled are generally available within 2-3 weeks. The delivery time for ON-ORDER books will vary depending upon when they are received from the publisher.

The turnaround time for books may also be influenced by the number of holds on the item, your position in a hold queue, the number of available copies, and the item's location and distance from your home library.

Campuses and Libraries/Collections

Camden Campus

  • Robeson Library
  • Camden Law Library

New Brunswick/Piscataway


  • Center of Alcohol Studies Library
  • Library Annex (materials may be requested for pickup at any library)
  • Library of Science and Medicine
  • Math Library
  • Physics Library

College Avenue

  • Alexander Library
  • Art Library (noncirculating)
  • East Asian Library
  • Special Collections & University Archives (noncirculating)


  • Chang Science Library
  • School of Management and Labor Relations Library


  • Douglass Library
  • Performing Arts Library
  • Media Services (use Bookings Request forms)


  • Kilmer Library

Newark Campus

  • Dana Library
  • Institute of Jazz Studies Library (noncirculating)
  • Newark Law Library