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SCC - Event Facilities

Conference Facilties

The Teleconference/Lecture Hall: SCC 403.

The Teleconference/Lecture Hall (TLH) is a networked auditorium that can accomodate a wide variety of events. The permanent podium/media cart at stage right is similar to what is found in the Information Handling Labs and other Rutgers "Smart Classrooms". In addition to the standard features, the TLH will permit scholars to conduct informational sessions and classes in Alexander Library and send the session live to multiple sites at any location capable of receiving interactive transmissions. Sessions can be preserved in video and replayed or edited as needed.

Room Capacity: 98 seated, 110 maximum capacity.

Go here for Scheduling information.
Check the Event Schedule for Room Availability.

What's Available

  • Podium with integrated media controls
  • Videocassette DVD recorder/player
  • Audiocassette recorder/player
  • DVD player
  • Connections for laptop PC or Macintosh - The default set up includes a PC Laptop provided by the SCC
  • Live Internet connection (WiFi)
  • Visualizer
  • Two-way videoconferencing
  • Facilities for multipoint videoconferencing
  • Portable and fixed microphones
  • Large projection screen
  • Professional Audio/Video recording of events (technician required)
  • 98-seat auditorium
  • Satellite downlink (collaboration with RU-TV required)

Description of the TLH

Smart Classroom AV System

The audio-visual presentation design follows the standard features of the Rutgers "Smart Classrooms". The instructor/presenter uses the permanently placed multimedia cart at stage right with touch screen controls that allow for display of computer images and/or video images and touch control menus for videoconferencing. The cart houses an audio cassette player for recording and playback, a VCR, a visualizer (document camera) and a connection for a laptop PC or MAC. A traditional, movable wooden podium is also available at stage front.

Teleconferencing & Distance Education

The TLH has facilities to accommodate distance learning via ISDN, IP Video Conference or satellite downlink. Video teleconferencing capability in the TLH is possible with either two or four remote controlled cameras, ceiling-mounted. A technician must be present to operate controls for a four camera video conference.


Projection capability is provided by a video/data DLP projector mounted in the ceiling of the TLH projecting an image size of 10 x 7 to the TLH wall screen.

Projection Booth

In the projection booth at the rear of the TLH are located the sound system amplifiers and mixers, the rack for the IMUX and codec and the necessary equipment for routing audio and video during teleconferencing and for troubleshooting during programs.

Sound System & Lighting

The sound system, with stereo capability, emanates from two speakers located at either side of the projection screen. Microphone sources include those mounted to the multimedia cart and the podium for the presenter, several microphone inputs for panel discussions and wireless microphone capability for both instructor and audience participation. Lighting switches are located conveniently near the podium. Controls are also available through the touch screen of the multimedia cart.

Multimedia Classrooms

Information Handling Labs: SCC 413 and 415.

The Information Handling Labs (IHLs) are Multimedia Classrooms that support teaching with technology. Special software allows the instructor to control availability of the keyboards, and to project to any computer screen. The IHLs are ideal for any teaching or training that requires instructor demos from a workstation, or hands-on experience for students/trainees, for example:

  • Departmental courses and library instruction emphasizing web-based resources
  • Software applications training (SPSS, ArcView, etc.)
  • Special lectures for academic courses requiring?

Room Capacity: 24 student workstations. 1 instructor's podium.
Go here for Scheduling information.
Check the Event Schedule for Room Availability.

Description of the Information Handling Labs

Each Information Handling Labs is a 25-seat multimedia classrooms that uses much of the same software and hardware found in many other Rutgers Smart Classrooms. Although we have added some extra elements, those who have used other Rutgers Smart Classrooms should be familiar with most of the equipment.

In addition, each classroom is connected to the campus network, the Internet, and to the SCC server for access to software and data mounted locally, which allows web-based instruction. The IHLs are designed for versatility. The standard configuration uses the Information Handling Labs as two separate classrooms, but instructors can request that the flexible wall be removed to use the rooms as a single classroom.

Major features of the IHLs:

A podium with all controls integrated into a touch screen panel, which offers the following features:

  • 25 Workstations per classroom (including podium)
  • DVD playback capability
  • Projection onto two large display screens per room, for full-classroom viewing
  • RUWireless access for those bringing their own laptops
  • Visualizer (document camera)
  • Podium PC
  • Ethernet and display screen connections for laptop PC
  • Ability for the instructor to display on student computer screens whatever appears on his or her own computer at the podium.
  • Ability to join both classrooms into one high capacity, 48-seat room run by a single instructor.
    (Classroom-joining requires reservation of both IHL rooms 413 and 415.)

Conference Room

Heyer Conference Room: SCC 404A

The Heyer Conference Room has a white board and is equiped with 1 phone line and 2 data connections. Three windows on two sides of the room give natural lighting. This room is ideal for smaller meetings that do not require the use of technology. It is also unique in that it is the only room equipped with a Polycom Soundstation phone for conference calls.

Room Capacity: 10 seats.

Technology Notes:

Should your event require technology in the Heyer Conference Room, please contact James Hartstein (848-932-5930) as early as possible. Because our resorces are limited we may be unable to supply the needed equipment, requiring you to bring your own laptop and data projector. If you choose to use your own laptop and your presentation requires an internet connection, you will need to configure your laptop as follows:

  • Hardware: Must support VGA output or corresponding Macintosh technology (if presenter wants to project images), and should have a network card or PC card (network card & modem) that has an RJ45 jack and supports 10baseT. If using a Mac, please be sure to bring the VGA output adapter that Apple should have supplied with your computer.
  • Network: Must be configured to use DHCP rather than static IP (If unsure about this, have the presenter check first with his local network or systems administrator, and second with the SCC Network/Systems Administrator).
  • Wireless 802.11b/g is also supported throughout the SCC, via RUWireless.


Digital Curation Research Center: SCC 404

The Digital Curation Research Center Heyer serves as a primary location for the creation, digitization, and handling of objects for digital preservation. The DCRC is a working laboratory where new approaches to preserving digital content are tested, and best practices are developed. Digital partners can use this space and equipment to prepare digital content for preservation in RUcore, the Rutgers University Community Repository. Students entering the field of digital content management learn to create digital content and prepare it for access and long-term preservation. Faculty and staff who want to take advantage of the expertise of SCC staff to advise on their digital projects, use the facilities in the DCRC to prepare and stage their digital content.

Room Capacity: 18 seats.

The DCRC is available for library faculty and staff for digital projects. It is also available to library partners on digital projects such as the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library and the New Jersey Digital Highway. Please contact James Hartstein (848-932-5930) or Isaiah Beard (848-932-5932) to confirm that space will be available for you in the DCRC.


Use of the SCC Event Facilities:

The Event Facilities of the SCC include the following rooms:

  • Teleconference Lecture Hall: Room 403 (capacity 98)..
  • Two Instructional Handling Labs: Room 413 and 415 (each with 24 PC workstations and 1 instructor station)..
  • Break Out/Conference Room: The Heyer room is located in the SCC. Rooms in other locations of Alexander Library can be used as well.

Because all rooms are scheduled on a first come first served basis, instructors, trainers, and conference organizers are encouraged by librarian-contacts to submit requests early for instructional sessions or risk having to settle for a less than ideal class time in the IHLs.

Scheduling the SCC Event Facilities:

Use of the SCC Facilities by Rutgers University Libraries is free. Other groups must pay a fee to use the SCC facilities. You may find it useful to view the Book Room while planning your event, To book facilities by telephone please call: 848-932-7505 and ask for Bill Puglisi. All equipment and software to be used must be identified and reserved when reserving the facilities.

If your programs requires the use of multiple pieces of equipment or or you are new to the equipment, a "rehearsal" session is required in advance of the presentation; all necessary equipment should be specified so that it can be made available. Schedule the rehearsal simultaneously when booking the room. During the Fall and Spring semesters all rooms are available 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Monday - Thursday, and 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Fridays. Please inquire with the administrative office for available hours during summer sessions and intercessions.

Presentation files (i.e. Adobe Acrobat files, MS Powerpoint) can be loaded to the SCC Network prior to the date of the event. To arrange for file loading, please contact James Hartstein 848-932-5930. Instructional sessions held in the IHL's and TLH should plan to use software and/or networked resources that are currently available and supported by SCC staff. Special software may be loaded if:

  • the request is made two weeks in advance of the event date.
  • the software is delivered to the SCC two weeks in advance of the event date.

The SCC will make every effort to install late arriving software, but we cannot be certain that installed software will work as expected without the required two weeks for software installation and testing.

Consult with the Alexander Library Administration office to arrange for additional program needs such as signage, program announcements, catering needs, etc. Food and drink are not allowed in the TLH but catering arrangements can be made for program participants to enjoy outside the TLH.

Once arrangements are made for a program, a 15% NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required for program charges above $500.


Reservations that must be canceled should be submitted at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event or fees may be assessed.

To arrange for Event Facilities reservations contact:
     Bill Puglisi
     Alexander Library Administration Office