Exit Procedure

1. Purpose

This procedure provides guidelines for Unit Computing Specialist(UCS) or PC Coordinators to assist in completing the Exit Procedure Form in conjunction with the exiting employee to provide technical support by creating backup copies of personal files and assist in cleaning the PC hard drives and network files. Exiting employee or exiting staff refers to any Libraries faculty or staff member who resigns, retires, or leaves the employment of the Libraries; and it applies also to any staff who transfers to another department.

2. Rationale

It is the responsibility of the Libraries to provide clearance to the exiting employees by providing ample time and support in backing up their personal files and cleaning their hard drives and network drives. In the same manner, it is the responsibilities of the exiting employee to conform to the Exit Procedure to attend to the removal of their own personal files prior to their departure from Libraries' employment.

3. Scope

All Libraries' Faculty and Staff Members

4. Procedure

When the employee leaves the employment of the Libraries, the Unit Computing Specialist(UCS) or PC Coordinator (PCC) will discuss and process the Exit Procedure Form with the exiting employee no later than two weeks prior to the employee's last working day of employment.

After the last day of employment of the exiting staff, the Unit Computing Specialist(UCS) or PC Coordinator will perform the following steps:

  • Review local and network files with the immediate Supervisor of the exiting employee to determine work-related files and if necessary, copy them to the departmental directory or folder
  • Disable the exiting employee's local Windows login or username.
  • Inform the Windows Systems Administrator about the termination of employment by completing the online Exit Procedure Form. A copy of this form will also be sent to IIS' Unit Computing Manager, Information Specialist, and the Webmaster.

Upon receipt of the termination notice and the Exit Procedure Form, the Windows Systems Administrator will perform the following steps:

  • Immediately disable the Windows login of the exiting staff.
  • After four weeks, delete the contents of the H: drive and any directory or folder in the T: drive owned by the exiting staff.
  • If applicable, any departmental-related files will be copied to the appropriate department's directory or folders.
  • After deleting the H: drive and other personal files, the assigned Windows login of the exiting staff will be deleted.
Form preparation information
Employee Information
All Yes/No questions are required (although there is no indicator *)
Save personal files from PC to portable media
Save H: (Home) drive files to portable media
T: Drive
Return charged equipment
Prepare the workstation to be re-imaged in preparation for the new user
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