A Proposal for Web Document Delivery Rutgers Request Service and Imaging Services' Locate and Copy Service

July, 2002

The Web Document Delivery Working Group proposes that Rutgers University Libraries (RUL) use Ariel, the Research Libraries Group's software for Internet document delivery, to convert articles requested through the Rutgers Request Service (RRS) and Imaging Servicesí Locate and Copy Service (L&C) service to PDF files and deliver them to patrons through a customized Web interface.

With the success of Interlibrary Loan Servicesí Web document delivery, we believe Web delivery of articles from the Rutgers librariesí print collections is more cost effective for the Libraries and more convenient for our patrons than paper delivery. Library users expect to have articles from the Rutgers collections delivered to them over the Web now that we provide electronic access to electronic reserves, electronic journals, and electronic research tools. Web document delivery will provide users with delivery to the desktop of Rutgers materials and advances the goals described in A Bridge to the Future: the Rutgers Digital Library Initiative.

The best means of accomplishing this goal is to combine RRS and L&C into a single service, retaining the use of the Rutgers Request Service name. We propose that this new delivery system coincides with the introduction of the user-initiated PLACE HOLD feature in IRIS in August 2002.

Combining RRS and L&C

RRS and L&C are similar in that both services find and provide materials from the Rutgers librariesí collection for library patrons. Each has its own policies and procedures, however these policies and procedures can be harmonized without undue difficulty. A combined service will keep the best of each and provide our patrons with seamless access to information.

The Web Document Delivery Working Group reviewed the services provided, eligibility, how requests are placed, fees, and delivery policies for both RRS and L&C. The group then described the parameters of a new, combined RRS/L&C service and its enhancements.

Services provided

RRS consists of the delivery of books and articles from the Rutgers libraries collections to libraries and off- campus pickup sites listed in the pull-down menu on the request form in IRIS. Recalls are also part of RRS. Books are not delivered to the library or a library on the same campus where the book is located. Noncirculating items may be requested from a library on a different geographic campus. Information in microform format will be loaned or copied for delivery. Articles up to 30 pages are delivered among the New Brunswick campus libraries for a fee.

L&C is essentially a fee-based article delivery service. Library Imaging Services locate and photocopy articles for patrons and deliver them by mail, fax, or patron pickup. Articles must be in Alexander Library, the Library of Science and Medicine, or Chang Library.

The proposed combined RRS/L&C service will deliver books from one library to another library or to the various off-campus sites now served by RRS. It will use the Web to deliver articles from the Rutgers library collections whenever possible. It will offer Web article delivery from campus library collections regardless of a patronís traditional campus pickup library or affiliation.


Current Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff may use RRS. In addition, the students, faculty, and staff of Rutgers Newark and Camden law schools, UMDNJ-RWJ in Piscataway-New Brunswick, and the Camden Urban Campus of Camden County College or Rowan University are eligible. RRS users must be currently registered and in good standing with the Libraries.

Rutgers and UMDNJ faculty, staff, students, and alumni are currently eligible for the L&C service. L&C users must have an active deposit account with the Libraries Imaging Services.

The combined RRS/L&C will use the same patron eligibility requirements that RRS currently uses. This would exclude alumni and some UMDNJ users currently served by L&C. In addition, the combined RRS/L&C service would require patrons to have an active deposit account with the Libraries Imaging Services for delivery of articles for a fee. L&C will Ďgrandfatherí in its current patrons who do not meet the new patron eligibility requirements, such as Rutgers University alumni and non-eligible UMDNJ faculty, staff, and students with current L&C accounts, until their current deposits are used up.

How requests are placed

RRS users need to be registered with the libraries and have an active, valid barcode. RRS patrons search and identify material in IRIS and from the itemís record in the catalog make their request by filling out the REQUEST THIS ITEM form. This form requires the patronís library barcode, article citation information, and a pickup location.

L&C request forms are currently available online through the RU Libraries Imaging Services website. The L&C forms ask for the patronís Deposit Account Number to ensure eligibility. Patrons can submit the form with their citations online, by fax, mail or in person.

Under a combined RRS/L&C, patrons would make their article requests from the item record in IRIS using a revised REQUEST THIS ITEM form. The revised form will require a Deposit Account number assigned by Imaging Services or current purchase order number whenever articles for a fee are ordered. Patrons will provide citation information and select their pickup library, even though articles will be delivered on the Web whenever possible.


There is no charge for the delivery of RRS books among any of the Rutgers libraries or off-campus pickup sites. There is no charge for the delivery of articles among the three campuses (New Brunswick/Piscataway, Newark, Camden), from the Library Annex collection, and to the off-campus sites. There is currently a $3.00 charge for articles up to a 30 page maximum sent among the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses. The $3.00 fee is collected at the Circulation desks at the time of pickup. University departments can set up an RRS deposit account by sending an internal purchase order directly to Imaging Services.

In order to use the L&C service, patrons must first set up a deposit account. To set up this account, patrons can visit or write to the Library Imaging Services at either Alexander Library or the Library of Science and Medicine. University departments can set up an L&C deposit account by sending an internal purchase order directly to Imaging Services. A minimum $50.00 Deposit is required. All charges are taken directly from this deposit. No additional payment is required and accounts may be maintained indefinitely. Checks to supplement existing can be mailed or dropped at Imaging Services. Articles up to 10 pages are $2.50 with an additional $0.25 for each additional page.

Under a combined RRS/L&C service, the costs to patrons will be $5.00 per article for articles up to 30 pages with an additional $0.25/page charge for any additional pages. Articles requested from among the three campuses (New Brunswick/Piscataway, Newark, Camden) from the Library Annex, and to the off-campus sites will still be delivered free of charge.

New Brunswick campus patrons must first set up a $30.00 deposit account to request articles from the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus libraries. Camden and Newark campus patrons must first set up a $30.00 deposit account to request articles from their respective campus libraries. They may do this by mail or by coming in person to Library Imaging Services at Alexander Library or the Library of Science and Medicine. Payment may be made using a check, cash, or University Purchase Order. Existing L&C deposit accounts will automatically be converted to deposit accounts for the new combined service. Their accounts will be charged at the time the article is filled.

Library Imaging Services will do the accounting for the combined RRS/L&C service. Imaging Services already sets up and maintains L&C and RRS deposit accounts. The accounting procedures for the new combined service will be fundamentally the same. Imaging Services will validate user eligibility on Workflows in the patron database before opening an account, and will charge accounts when article requests are filled.


RRS patrons pick up books and articles at their requested pickup library or off-campus site. The turnaround time for RRS delivery is between 2 to 5 working days. Patrons are notified through e-mail when requests are filled or cannot be filled.

L&C patrons can receive their materials by campus mail (no charge), U.S. mail (with an additional charge for postage), fax (with an additional charge of $4.00 per article), or in person at Imaging Services in Alexander Library or the Library of Science and Medicine. L&C guarantees a turnaround time of three days but most requests are filled within one day, not counting delivery time. If a long list of requests is received, the requests may not all be done in one day. L&C telephones or faxes patrons when requests cannot be filled.

The combined RRS/L&C service will still deliver books to the requested library or off-campus site presently listed in the pull-down menu on the REQUEST THIS ITEM form. Articles in the collections of libraries with scanners and Ariel software (Alexander, Kilmer, Douglass, Library of Science and Medicine, Chang, Robeson, and Dana) will be scanned and delivered via the Web. A few of the smaller libraries donít have scanners: Alcohol Studies, Art, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, and SMLR. Paper delivery to our patrons will continue to be provided by these libraries.

Combined Service Enhancements

Web Delivery

Web delivery is far superior to sending hard copies. Once available, patrons will no longer have to come to a library to receive their articles. They can identify, request, and receive articles from their own PCs at home or at their office. Even if patrons use library computers or Rutgers computing labs, access to their materials will be quicker because there will be no delay while hard copies are transported from one library to another. Articles can be downloaded or printed. All patrons, including current L&C patrons, will receive email notification when their requests are filled.

Delivery Options Regardless of Location

Currently when a RRS patron requests an article that is located in his pickup library or the same campus as his pickup library, the request would be denied. These requests will now be filled for a fee. For example, if a patron with a Dana Library pickup location or Newark campus affiliation wanted an article in the Dana Library collection, he will be able to request and receive it at his desktop.

Microforms Delivery

The combined RRS/L&C will provide articles from all the Rutgers University Libraries. These articles will come from both print journals and the Librariesí various microform collections. Delivery of microforms requests may be provided on CD using the librariesí new digital microfilm machines. This equipment allows us to save to CD, or email microform files and it will allow library staff to provide patrons with microfilm images on CD when filling requests. We should also consider emailing microfilm files to patrons, which is possible with the new equipment.

Submitted by the Web Document Delivery Working Group: Mary Belasco, Brian Beyer, Anne Butman, Donna Cryan, Judy Gardner, Barbara Garwood, William McNelis, Jane Mihalick

July 2002

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/reports/web_document_delivery.shtml
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