Saving/Updating/FTPing files emailed to you for Reserves from Professors

Have the email with the attachment on the screen:

Right mouse click on the EFILE to be downloaded from the Attachments window in the upper righthand corner of the thunderbird email screen:

Save as: To the U: drive Eres. efiles working directory (this also checks for viruses).

Open the file in Adobe (or convert first if it's not a PDF)
Check for filesize:
Check document for completeness:
Add Copyright stamp:

Save as: to the Ready to FTP folder or in Advanced select PDF Optimizer to save and reduce the file size.

Process as usual for reserve.

It is recommend to delete the email with the File attached. Some files can be huge and clog up the email account. Saving it to the efiles working directory would allow for reposting/conversion as needed.

Last updated: July 18, 2007
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