RDS Lending Procedures for Off-Campus Pickup and Delivery Sites

Before Processing: If the delivery location is a CEO, staff must verify that the patron is affiliated with that location before processing. To do this, go to the Rutgers website at http://www.rutgers.edu, click on the link under Find People (http://search.rutgers.edu/index.php?form=people), and look up the patron by name. If the patron is not apparently affiliated with the site, please email him/her to verify their pick up location.

Off-Campus sites are sites that are affiliated in some way with the University but aren’t on any of the university campuses. It is extremely important that we process these requests correctly. It is also very important that a photocopy be made of the off-campus site request so that we can keep track of the material in case it is not returned or gets lost.

Processing Books for Off Campus Sites:

Charge the book directly to the requesting user.

Use EDIT REQUEST to mark the request filled. Change status to RU-B-BILD, reply date to TODAY, and reply “Filled--Your RDS book has been checked out to you and is in-transit to your Pickup/Delivery location. Please check your Pickup/Delivery site in 2-3 workdays for delivery.”

Wrap an orange Off-Campus Delivery Loan band (rev.8/04) around the front cover of the book, taping it to a paper extension if necessary. Fill out the Borrower’s Name (from the REQ), DUE DATE, and pickup/delivery location.

Make a copy of the original request sheet, date it, and keep it on file. This can be helpful if there is ever concern regarding the date that the item was sent out.

Pack the item and address the box/envelope to RUL SHIPPING  &  RECEIVING-ALEX,  Atten:  Henry Charles

Make sure to record statistics for each book and article* sent to the Off-Campus pickup/delivery locations, including unfilled requests. This information cannot be collected automatically. The folder for the statistics is located on the Alex T-drive following this path:

Vol. 1 -->Groups -->Common --> RDS  Statistics  (Gardner-Millereand)  ->  RDS  Statistics  FY (select current year)


*For Article request, see Web Document Delivery procedures.

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