Hold Inventory Report

The Hold Inventory report is generated on Friday morning. Items are organized alphabetically by patron last name. ILL, PALCI and RDS items are included together. Items are this list are items whose holds have been made "available".


Compare the Hold Inventory list to the items on the hold shelves.

  1. Items that are on the list, but not on the hold shelf: Mark NOS.
    1. Pull up item record using the barcode and check the status.
      1. The item may have been charged to the patron between the time the report was run and when it was completed.
      2. If the item is not charged to the patron, check local stacks.
      3. If item is not found in local stacks, contact owning library for hold shelves/stacks check.
      4. If item not found at owning library, send out a stacks check.
      5. If item is not found after one full week, contact patron to confirm that the item was properly charged to the user and notify the user that the item is not actually available. Offer suggestions for obtaining the item for them.
  1. Items that are on the hold shelf, but not on the inventory list: Remove from Hold Shelf.
    1. Scan item to confirm status and route/act as needed.
      1. Hold not made available: make hold available and return to hold shelf.
      2. Hold available at a different library: route to correct location.
      3. If item is received to hold shelf after the report was run (Friday am) then it will not appear on the report.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/resource_sharing/docs/hold_shelf_inventory.shtml
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