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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 24 Number 16 October 20, 2002

NEW Cinema Studies research guide!

film reel

Film studies scholars and students, as well as regular movie fans, can find many useful resources in the new Cinema Studies research guide, now available on the Rutgers University Libraries website.

The Cinema Studies research guide gives links to reliable reference sources, film review websites, and Web pages for film synopses and credits. The research guide also provides a practical guide on how to search for film related resources in IRIS, the Libraries online information system and catalog, by using Library of Congress Subject Headings.

In addition, the research guide offers descriptions of videos in the Rutgers University Libraries collections in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • African Studies
  • African American History
  • Cities and Towns
  • The Classical Period
  • Communism
  • Criminal Justice
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Medicine and Health
  • The Middle East and Central Asia
  • The Nuclear Age
  • Protest and Resistance
  • Science
  • Spain and Portugal
  • Women

Users will also find links in the research guide to the Media Center, based in Livingston campus' Kilmer Library, and to the Rutgers Film Co-op.

Credits for developing this guide go to media librarian Jane Sloan, who was assisted by School of Communication, Information, and Library Science (SCILS) graduate student Ian Goulston.

Users may access the Cinema Studies research guide from the front page of the Rutgers University Libraries, by following the path: Subject Research Guides/General/Cinema Studies.

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Combined Charities 2003 Campaign Begins

We are pleased to announce the start of the 2003 New Jersey State Employees Charitable Campaign (NJSECC) in the New Brunswick Libraries. In the 2002 Combined Charities Campaign the Rutgers University Libraries contributed over $7,900, for a 26% participation rate, compared to the 8% participation rate across the Rutgers' New Brunswick/Piscataway campus. This should give us great pride, as the generosity of Libraries staff and faculty outpaced our campus colleagues by more than 300%. We look forward to matching, if not exceeding our 2002 participation rate!

The Combined Charities solicitors will be distributing the campaign's information packets next week. The packet includes a pledge card, instruction sheet on completing the pledge card, and the booklet listing all of the participating groups. With your contribution, you can support one of the many, diverse organizations in New Jersey committed to helping people and communities experiencing a variety of devastating needs. One compelling aspect of this charitable opportunity is that giving through the Combined Charities Campaign saves you time and is extremely cost efficient - 90% of every dollar contributed provides services. Only 10% of the total amount raised are used for administrative costs.

Please contact Marilyn Wilt, Libraries' campaign coordinator (mrwilt@rci.rutgers.edu or 732/932-7505), or your designated solicitor if you have any questions or concerns about the Campaign. Please read the informational material thoroughly and submit your pledges to participate in this year's Charitable Campaign by Friday, November 15.

Thank you in advance for your continued generosity.

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* * Save the date! * *

The 16th annual
Breakfast/Presentations/PC Demos
will be held on -
Monday November 11, 2002
8:45 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Livingston Student Center, Livingston Campus

More information will be forthcoming shortly. You may RSVP now by calling the Libraries Administration reception desk at 732/932-7505.

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Univ. of Nairobi Chief Librarian Visits Rutgers Libraries

see caption
Dr. Mathangani (third from right) stands with (left to right): Thelma Tate; School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies (SCILS) Dean Gustav Friedrich; and New Brunswick Libraries director Ryoko Toyama.

Dr. Salome Mathangani, chief librarian of the University of Nairobi, Kenya, met a number of Rutgers University Libraries leaders and observed different departments at work in a visit on Friday October 11th. In her whirlwind tour of the Libraries, arranged by coordinator of global programs Thelma Tate, Dr. Mathangani visited Alexander Library, Technical & Automated Services, the Scholarly Communication Center, and Special Collections and University Archives. She also discussed access services with Judy Gardner, head of University Libraries access and interlibrary services.

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Libraries & Classics Dept. co-sponsor
Ancient Studies/New Technologies Conference:
Dec. 6-8, in Alexander Library/SCC

Classical, Medieval, and Byzantine scholars have long relied on academic symposia and printed media to disseminate the fruits of their research. In the last two decades, the Internet and the World Wide Web have made new forms of publication possible. Electronic journals have been founded, which provide wide audiences with primary materials, scholarly studies, and access to other resources. Search engines like Argos have been developed to help navigate the rapidly multiplying opportunities of this new medium.

In spite of these advances, the Internet is just beginning to fulfill its potential as a scholarly medium. This conference will address various ways in which the World Wide Web is being, and can be, developed, in the fields of Classical, Medieval, and Byzantine studies.

(Details subject to change)


Welcome, Introductions
Marianne Gaunt, University Librarian, Rutgers University
Corey Brennan, Classics Department, Rutgers University

SESSION I. Historical Reconstruction

  1. "The Virtual World Project"
  2. "Alexander Online"
  3. "Fayum Villages and the Prosopographia Ptolemaica"
  4. The Social World of John Chrysostom"

SESSION II. Databases: Access To Museum Collections

  1. "The Index of Christian Art and The Internet"
  2. "Documenting a University Collection Online"
  3. "The Reckoning of Time: The Middle Ages on the Metropolitan Museum's Timeline of Art History"

SESSION III. Databases: Access to Material Culture

  1. "Semantic Markup of Latin Inscriptions and the U.S. Epigraphy Project"
  2. "Epigraphic Database for Demos: Classical Athenian Democracy"
  3. "Roman Republican Coins Database"
  4. "Baptisteria Sacra: An Iconographic Index of Baptismal Fonts"
  5. "Christian Initiation in Asia Minor in Late Antiquity (300-600 CE): Baptismal Architecture and Literature in Dialog"
  6. "Modeling the Visitatio Sepulchri: Some Problems of Representation"

SESSION IV. Databases: Access to Documents

  1. "A Critical Review of the Electronic Resources for the Study of Illuminated Medieval Latin Manuscripts"
  2. "Diffusing and Studying Medieval Manuscripts in the Twenty- First Century: The Example of 'The Charrette Project'"
  3. "Ius Commune Electronicum: collecting, organizing, and presenting Medieval source documents."
  4. "A Project to Build an Online Library of Historical Culinary Texts"


SESSION V. Technical and Conceptual Considerations

  1. "The Plan 9 Operating System as a Web Server for Full Text Latin"
  2. "Authoring Dynamic, Data-Driven Web Sites: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX"
  3. "Streaming Video for Instruction in Medieval Studies Research"
  4. "Virtual Spaces Using Adobe Atmosphere"

SESSION VI. Pedagogy

  1. "Tela Latina: Teaching Latin on the Web in the 21st Century"
  2. "Medieval Latin Palaeography Online: A Teaching Bibliography ("The Electronic Boyle")
  3. "A Student Journey through the Ancient and Medieval Worlds: A Web-based Undergraduate Instructional Tool"

SESSION VII. Outreach and Communication

  1. "The Jerusalem Archaeological Park Web Site"
  2. "Byzintel.net: A Dynamic Integration of Scholarship, Culture and News from the Byzantine Region"
  3. "oldmoney.vassar.edu: A Case Study in Scholarly Communication and Student Participation in the Digital Age"

SESSION VIII. Electronic Publication Considerations

  1. "Digital Information and Information Literacy"
  2. "Post-Roman Britain and Dynamic Web Design: The Case of the Saxon Shore Electronic Journal"
  3. "BethMardutho.org: An Electronic Resource for Syriac Studies"
  4. "Beyond the Print Index Model"


SESSION IX. Teaching Workshop

"Out of olde bookes cometh al this newe science that men leren. Teaching Medieval Studies with Technology: E- books, Microsoft Viewer, and Web Pages"

SESSION X. Roundtable on Unresolved Issues: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Discussants: Laura Blanchard (Univ. of Pennsylvania) (Access for Non- Specialists); Celia Chazelle (The College of New Jersey) (Discussion Lists; A Registration Concept for Articles Published on the Web); Michael "Mr. ASNT" DiMaio (Salve Regina Univ.) (Recapitulation and Synthesis); Deborah Deliyannis (Indiana Univ.) (Publication issues)

For registration information, please see this URL: http://tabula.rutgers.edu/conferences/ancient_studies2002/registration.html

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Personnel Staff Changes
As of September 27, 2002


  • Dana - Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley, Departmental Administrator III,
  • Edwin Richards, Library Coordinator I
  • Libraries Administration - Carmen Elsabee, Principal Accounting Clerk
  • NBL - William McNelis, Library Supervisor II


  • Libraries Administration - Antoinette Perkins, Principal Accounting Clerk
  • Special Collections and University Archives - Erin Cral, Library Assistant III


  • Dana - Bonnie Paz, Library Assistant II
  • NBL - Stacy DeMatteo, Library Associate II
  • Megan Doyle, Library Associate III
  • Megan Ingegno, Library Associate III
  • Kristen Ko, Library Associate II
  • Nicholas Reichardt, Library Associate II
  • Roger Smith, Library Supervisor II
  • Jeffrey Teichmann, Library Supervisor I
  • Kelly Worth, Administrative Assistant III
  • PSC - Darryl Voorhees, Library Assistant II
  • TAS - Mary Alice Cicerale, Library Supervisor I
  • Roman Frackowski, Library Associate I
  • Donna Kessler, Administrative Assistant I
  • Steven Perrotta, Library Associate I


  • NBL - Ann Snowman, Assistant Head Access Services


  • NBL - Peter Anderson, Library Associate II (to Alexander)
  • Irina Loutchkina, Library Assistant II (to Alexander)
  • Don Wilson, Library Assistant II (to Kilmer)
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September 8, 2002
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