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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 26 Number 29 October 24, 2004

   Tad Hershorn speaks to a visitor at this showcase project, at the 2002 State of the Libraries event.

State of the Libraries Looks at Strategic Planning

The 2004 State of the Libraries program, on Wednesday, November 3rd in the Busch Campus Center, offers everyone in the Libraries an opportunity to come together both to celebrate our achievements and to learn more about our strategic planning process. The morning begins at 9:00 am with a light breakfast and an expanded digital and analog showcase spotlighting a variety of projects throughout the campuses, demonstrating the breadth and depth of our work.

Showcase presenters will include the following digital projects: Rutgers Repository, Grace Agnew; Workflow Management System, Kalaithani Ananthan; Digital Library Repository, Jeffery Triggs; E- Journal Platform - Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy and Electronic Journal of Boundary Elements, John Keisers; One More Once: The Life and Music of Count Basie, Bob Nahory, Ted Hershorn, Ed Vitery; A Virtual Tour of the Dana Library: A Work in Progress, Bob Nahory, Ted Hershorn, Ed Vitery; Humanities Grid at CETH, Brian Hancock; NBL Online Directory and Douglass Map, Heather Huey, Tony Joachim; Project SAILS, Eileen Stec; WorldED, Patricia Libutti; Annex's Available Space Database, Chad Mills, Stacy DeMatteo.

Showcase presenters will also include the following analog projects: E-Z Borrow display, Judy Gardner; Professional Development at Rutgers University Libraries, Marilyn Wilt, Jeff Teichmann; Publications: The Plagiarism Plague, Vib Bowman, Eileen Stec, John Gibson; Computers in Libraries Proceedings, Julie Still; A Guide to New Jersey and other Civil War Manuscripts, Donald Sinclair; The Mask of Ceremony - Exhibit Catalog, Special Collections; A Celebration of Pop-up and Movable Books: Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Movable Book Society, Ann Montanaro.

The formal presentation that follows will set the Libraries' strategic planning process in the context of Rutgers University's strategic goals. The program will bring together the results of our recent planning and data collection activities such as the library liaison surveys, the communications audit, the information literacy symposium, and the Envisioning the Future symposium.

To RSVP for the State of the Libraries, call the Libraries Administration reception desk at 732/932- 7505.

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PA Township Commends Robeson Librarian

Robeson Library's Julie Still is away on leave for a semester to write a book on novice fundraising, drawing on her librarian skills and her experiences volunteering for non-profits. Yet she hasn't quite gotten around to writing the final chapter. Seems she's been too busy gaining a little more hands-on experience.

The Commissioners of Abington Township, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, recently presented a commendation to Julie for preparing an application for a state grant for $115,000, to match an existing $450,000 federal grant. The township received the state and federal grants to support the development of the Roslyn/Ardsley walking path, an Abington Trails nature project.

We commend Julie on her accomplishment and the well-deserved recognition from her township.

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RU Parents Magazine Spotlights Libraries

   Scanned image of page from The Rutgers Parent newsletter.

Now mom and dad can see why their college son or daughter is excited when the topic of the Rutgers University Libraries comes up.

The 2004/2005 issue of The Rutgers Parent newsletter, a publication of the Rutgers University Foundation's department of annual giving, features a full page plus profiling two recent innovations at the Libraries. A one-page article, illustrated with two photos, highlights the dramatic changes recently unveiled at the Douglass Library at the completion of Phase I of the Douglass Library for the 21st century. The article quotes New Brunswick Libraries Acting Director Francoise Puniello, speaking about the changing nature of library facilities, and library science student Katie Klein, who commented that "the renovations are beautiful and pleasant to work in..." and "there are no more lines for computer labs."

A sidebar article reports on the added options and greater accessibility of the new Libraries website, unveiled in August.

The Libraries are grateful to the Rutgers University Foundation's department of annual giving, for sharing some of our exciting recent accomplishments with the folks at home.

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