Student Training - Generic Training Schedule

(modify according to individual needs)

Duties: (enumerate these)

RUL System Overview

Robeson Library – Camden
Dana Library – Newark
18 branches – New Brunswick
Handout of names of libraries
Campus map – show where libraries are located
Main NBL libraries: LSM, Alex, Klmr, Dglss, TSB, Annex


Formerly circulation/tech services
Relation to each other, to other library depts.
One dept. – 2 hubs
Type of work: processing, labelling, pre/post cat, holdings, serials, monos
Organization: teams, functional groups
Relationship to selectors (academic depts.)


Introduction to each staff member
Alex/LSM analogues at each hub

ALEX library self-guided tour; LSM tour guided by staff member

ALEX/LSM introduction to selectors

WEBCAT– searching (basic)

WEBCAT– searching (detailed)

Workflows– searching (basic)

Workflows– searching (detailed)

Bibliographic record in detail: MARC tags and fields - Tutorial

Holdings, barcoding, 930s/866s, MARC holdings: - Tutorial

Gov. docs tour; Docs CC; Docs websites: - Tutorial

Overview of receiving - Procedures

Title Changes

Every day, as assistant learns new topics, you should BRIEFLY review what was taught the day before. If there is time, the assistant should do a small amount of actual work in each area every day. Or, you can set entire days aside where they just do one or two types of work. You must constantly gauge how they are learning the material, and adjust training to fit their absorption capacity.

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