Minutes of May 18, 2000 meeting

  1. Ereserves-Administrative Copying.

    Donna Cryan and Barbara Garwood attended for a special discussion item: how reserve staff can help cut down on administrative copying costs. Can reserve staff stop making a 2nd photocopy of documents to send for scanning for electronic reserves? We would only send the original or ask instructors to submit two copies. Reserve staff who need a paper copy in-house while the scanned copy is being made at the Copy Center should ask for two copies from instructors. Whenever 2 copies are in hand, send one for scanning and don't make another (3rd). And when 1 copy is in hand, create Unicorn records, then send the original and process it after it has returned from scanning. Dean started to send Chang's original copies for scanning Spring semester and did not experience undue delays; he will begin to experiment with scanning documents on Ariel and FTP them to the Copy Center for placement on the Web server next.

    Whenever it's known that a document will be used the following semester, send 2 cover sheets, one for each semester with different URLs, to the Copy Center along with the original. Barcodes and brief records can usually be re-used semester to semester, although records must be edited with new URLs. These suggestions and discussion points will be shared with reserve staff for additional input.

  2. IRIS Contingency Plan.

    IRIS will be down 5-6 days in August for annual re-indexing and maintenance, including weekend days, probably August 18-23. It is projected that IRIS will be down for 2 weeks, probably Dec. 26- Jan 9, 2001, to load and index authorities. We reviewed the draft Access Services IRIS Contingency Plan and agreed to the following: we can (will) not receive payment and process bills under the first two scenarios, and we will accept and process faxed RRS requests for articles among the 3 campuses under the 3rd scenario, extended downtime. An RRS article form will be created. Other paper, backup forms were reviewed. The NB Circ group is designing a new borrower registration form and will comment on the draft returned book receipt form. Copies of the new manual book charge form will be distributed to each library.

  3. Unicorn Enhancements, Sirsi's Web Forums.

    Karen demonstrated how to access Sirsi's Discussion Groups and Enhancement Forums via the Sirsi home page, http://www.sirsi.com/. She created a read-only login and password for access services staff to use [login: RU-CIRC and Passwd: ovrdue]. Procedures for posting and guidelines for using the Enhancement Forums will be introduced at the Unicorn users group meeting next week, and shortly after we will post our circulation enhancements.

  4. Misc. system items.

    Books IN-PROCESS with at least 1 circulation.
    Discussed process by which the home locations of new books are changed from to IN-LIBRARY, and how some could slip through. Staff asked if Acquisitions could address mailing labels and ship boxes of new books directly to a staff person at smaller libraries and to a department at larger libraries, to prevent them from getting mixed in with returned books and immediately discharged. We are interested in cleaning up IRIS records for these books and we will ask systems to produce lists for searching.

    MISS-TSB user.
    A new MISS-TSB user for reporting missing in-process books has been proposed. ASC agreed it makes sense for a member of the TSB Request staff to charge/discharge books to the MISS-TSB user, rather than Annex staff. Things to test: what happens upon discharging a book from the MISS-TSB user, does it go back IN-PROCESS? Will TSB Request staff need to login as the owning library to charge and discharge?

    New staff logins.
    Karen reported these have been delayed because of staff shortages and training in systems. Some sites have reported inactive logins remain in the system, even though reported to systems.

    Removing Reserves.

    Karen is working with staff at Chang, Chemistry, and Art, and running reports to remove their spring semester reserves based on expiration date. Roger will coordinate with other NB libraries and Dana and Robeson staff can contact Karen directly. Karen will create reports to delete brief records next. These Reports really work and are a terrific time saver, please take advantage!

  5. CRIMJ Update.

    Notices about CRIMJ records leaving IRIS have been sent to staff and faculty lists and to users on Web news. RRS requests will continue to be handled by ILS-Alex staff. We will stop using CRIMJ records in IRIS for circulation; materials will circulate on brief temporary, shadowed records (like ILLs). A special notice will be sent after 28 days to users with overdue CRIMJ items that circulated on IRIS records. We will continue to charge items sent to Criminal Justice users directly to the users.

  6. Recall bookmark/Reserve brochure.

    A supply of the new recall bookmark that Harry and Ken worked on will be distributed to each library. The revised Reserve brochure will be produced as a 4-fold and ready by August 1.

  7. RRS: blocked user policy, weekend A Team staffing.

    After discussion, we agreed to process and fill RRS requests for "blocked" users. When blocked users come to check out request materials, staff will negotiate with them to clear their records. We will not fill RRS requests for "barred" users, and the A Team will (continue to) not recall items for "blocked" and "barred" users.

    Everyone agreed it would be highly desirable to have Requests processed on Sundays and ready for unit staff to work on first thing Monday morning. Supervision, training, work space, coordination, commitment to current A Team staff and their existing schedules, and budget all need to be considered. Judy will continue discussion with TAS staff.

  8. Announcements and Information Sharing.
    • A revised Primary Borrowers Chart was distributed, with new Summer Session entry and instructions for newly hired faculty not yet on payroll under Guests, copies will be sent to all ASC members and libraries.
    • Judy is meeting with various groups about Missing, Lost&Paid, and Damaged books to work out procedures, and will meet with NB selectors. We will definitely run cumulative Missing book reports this year in June, and send items to Database Management to withdraw.
    • Carolyn is without students at Dana.
    • Terry finally has a new email: tpugh@andromeda.rutgers.edu
    • Bill is also without RRS students, there are 5 staff openings at Alexander, Wilma is retiring in June. RRS staff have started to charge directly to RESV-LIB users and are packing books separately.
    • Jane reported Nicky Spruill is leaving ILS June 6th for a job in private industry. ILS-Alex is continuing to beta test ILL Manager and will begin to borrow on the NJ interlibrary loan system soon.
    • Eugene noted SMLR is missing from the Reserve brochure.
    • Jan reported 2 new hires, a Librarian V at the Music Library and an evening supervisor. Tess Tobin is leaving for a librarian position. Media plans to start using the Unicorn booking module in the fall.
    • Glenn and the NB Circ Functional Group are organizing WorkFlows review sessions at the big 4 libraries for NB access services staff. Shifting bound and reference periodicals at LSM.
    • Pace is slowing at Chang. New librarian is expected in July
    • Pat reported students are gone at Alcohol.
    • Students (and termites!) gone at Chemistry, Mary is still planning for compact shelving.
    • Smaller science libraries in NB (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Chang) will be closed on Sundays during the summer, open Saturdays.
    • Barry noted that Kilmer and LSM both experienced 3 hot days over 90 degrees during exams when cooling systems failed. Diploma holds were all placed by the deadline, yea! During the summer Barry will split his days, Kilmer a.m. and Alex in the p.m.
    • Penny's collection management team is working on text for a bookmark, how to treat your books, to submit to Harry. Involved with shifts at LSM and compact shelving for Chemistry. Douglass is quiet.
    • Shevon Jackson has joined Systems department as permanent staff, in Sho's (who was promoted) old position.

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