Minutes of August 10, 2000, Robeson Library meeting

  1. IRIS downtime.

    Backup forms are available online at http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/staff.html, the Staff Resources web page: manual book charge form, new user registration form, missing book form, returned book receipt, interlibrary loan form, RRS-Dana, RRS New Brunswick, and RRS-Robeson. Staff will make copies as needed during downtime. Web news states that ILL and RRS forms will be available to users at circulation desks. A copy of the IRIS Contingency Plan is also available at the Staff Resources page. Libraries who plan to use standalone should make sure it's available and test it out, send files to servers daily, and keep a floppy copy backup disk of each day's transactions. PINs will be visible in static search only IRIS.

  2. Patron purge.

    Chart was distributed which describes criteria and number of user records purged by profile (note typo, '8806' should be '9906'). 24,726 user records were purged. If users ask why they are not in the current user database, respond by telling them we did not receive their record in the latest data file from the University's Administrative Computing Services, and that we will investigate. Ask for their projected year of graduation & last semester attended, and forwarded this information to Judy and Karen who will check with Admin Computing. If users present appropriate ID at desk, register them with expiration 6 mos.

  3. Do we Know How to Reach You?

    Suggestions were made for text of flier describing switch to Rutgers email for library notices. Suggested two weeks to publicize this before making the change in the production system. We do not yet have a date when email addresses will be available from Admin Computing, but they are working on it. Also need definitive information about how to cancel an email addresses loaded from Admin Computing if asked by users.

  4. Charging items to ILL.

    Mary Belasco led discussion of problems with holds, multiple charges, and time it takes to call up ILS user records and place holds for RRS items sent to ILL. We agreed to stop placing holds on these items. RRS staff will charge materials directly to ILS-ALEX or ILS-LSM, pack separately, and ship. Mailing labels were requested and will be produced, in the meantime address packages: "ILS/ALEX-LENDING" and "ILS/LSM-LENDING." When items arrive at ILS offices they will not be discharged, rather sent directly out to borrowing libraries. Applies only to RRS staff who sends materials to New Brunswick ILS offices, and we can start to implement immediately.

  5. Public Services Policy Memos #1 and #2.

    Reviewed new policy memos, which are also available online at the Staff Resources web page. Re. Memo #1, staff noted discrepancies number of libraries, were very happy to see the section about children in libraries, asked for a policy on cell phones, and asked if coffee mugs were still under consideration.

  6. Withdrawn books returned by patrons.

    We do not charge a processing fee when withdrawn books are returned by known patrons.

  7. Other items and information sharing.
    • New Self Services bookmark was distributed.
    • Missing Book Reports are being run and should be available early next week. They include books edited and charged to MISSING, and LOST-PAID books. Books should not be discharged before sending the lists to Tracey Meyer at TSB. Judy will confirm procedures with Tracey.
    • Suggestions for design changes to RUL's website can be submitted to the Web Advisory Committee, Ron Jantz chair.
    • Robeson is shelf reading and weeding, has 1 work study student this summer. New digital copiers are running and include networked printing.
    • Dana will be assigned 25 work study students this fall and will share with IJS.
    • Penny is working with NB selectors on notification for replacement of lost-paid books.
    • 3rd floor periodicals are shifted, reference periodicals now in the periodical collection at LSM.
    • SMLR library was part of the School's external review. Not yet connected to RUnet. G. Kanzler retires 2001. Eugene will be on vacation in October.
    • Chemistry has new copicard units and patrons are adjusting, going to LSM for replacement cards.
    • Chang hosted retiree's luncheon this year. Stacey has transferred to Alexander. All bound periodicals have been barcoded. Beginning to scan ereserve documents.
    • Kilmer has a new digital copier and staff will receive training from the company, issuing new copicards in the library.
    • Alcohol's reference collection cataloged this summer, bindery due back, had 3 work study students.
    • Shifting and weeding taking place at Physics, RUNet 2000 work taking place in building.
    • ILS will be interviewing for borrowing coordinator, still working with and testing new epixtech and RLG ILL software packages.
    • Systems has a line open, range 23, looking for library experience and some computer skills. Position will work on reports, stats, user logins. Karen will chair the LIS Committee. Anne Butman on leave Oct. 1. There was a leak in roof at TSB, Mark Cardullo's office flooded.

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