Minutes of Thursday, March 15, 2001 meeting

1) Unicorn/WorkFlows.

As soon as U2000 is in the test database Judy will contact ASC members with testing assignments. Small, short-term working groups will be formed to study implementation of Transit processing and the Process Long Overdue Items Report.

2) Guidelines for Waiving Recall Fines.

Reviewed the draft Reasons for Waiving Recall Fines from the NB Billing group and suggested the following: change "reasons" to "guidelines" in title, add "use discretion" under medical or family emergency, include sample PUB notes, and an addendum with representative reasons for not waiving recall fines. It was also noted that brochure and web page should include a statement about responsibility for library materials when traveling out of town/country. We agreed to the proposed one-time waive for "first recall never received" and that good PUB notes must be created and saved for it to work. Barry will revise the draft for review at our next meeting.

3) Misc. billing issues.

Deadline for placing an academic hold to block a student's fall registration is April 2. Because billing staff at libraries complete processing their 40 day overdue reports at different times, students are sometimes confused by being on hold for one library's materials and not for another's (U2000's new Process Long Overdue Items Report may help us automate more of this process). Diploma holds are coming up, the deadline is usually May 1; lists will be distributed as soon as they're available. We agreed we'd like to do another courtesy email notice in the spring and include ugrads, with reminder to renew or return books.

4) Spring/Fall Ereserves Rollover.

We originally planned to create the fal01 eres directory on the web server July 1st when instructor's fall reserve lists are due. However staff have identified spring electronic documents that will be used again in the fall. To roll them over before they are deleted we will need the fal01 eres directory before July 1st. Systems has agreed to create both sum01 and fal01 directories on May 1 (instructor's summer reserve list deadline) so that spring documents can be rolled over. Reserve staff should roll over only those documents they know will be re-used; server space will be closely monitored during May when all 3 semesters' directories are up. The copy center needs Old course#/old professor | New course#/new professor to process these documents. Roger will revise rollover instructions for use this spring.

Extended system downtime in August will delay our processing fall reserves. Over 800 instructors/users have materials on reserve. A courtesy notice (email and postal) to this subset of users regarding August downtime and urging them to submit fall reserves early is desirable.

5) Off-campus RRS delivery.

Samples of the new book bands were distributed and upcoming procedures in NB reviewed.

Books: RRS staff will wrap book bands around books, check or write appropriate pickup site on the bands, place books in campus mail envelope and address to "Shipping & Receiving." S&R staff will process for shipment and send books returned with an RRS off-campus band directly to the owning library for discharge. Articles: RRS will staple photocopy bands to articles, check or write appropriate pickup site on the bands. Then place articles for Comet delivery in campus mail envelopes and address to "Shipping & Receiving" -or- place articles going to research stations and CEOs in mailing envelope, address envelope including name of recipient, and place in outgoing mail. S&R will meter the envelope and put in U.S. mail. RRS staff will verify all requests for pickup at a CEO by looking the user up in WorkFlows and/or the white pages to confirm campus address is a CEO. Users who are not associated with a CEO will be contacted to verify their pickup site before preparing materials (the pickup site was probably selected in error).

Before we begin, procedures will be written and distributed along with a supply of book bands and mailing envelopes, quantities based on last year's off-campus RRS activity.

6) Announcements & Information Sharing.

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