Minutes of Thursday, September 13, 2001 meeting

Lucye Millerand, new administrative assistant for Public Services and Communications was introduced. Contact Lucye at lucye@rci to request publications, forms, etc.

1) Review of August System Downtime/Misc. Systems Issues.

Downtime ended much earlier than expected. Most Standalone errors have been corrected; summer session expiration dates accounted for many of the patron errors. After coming up after future extended system downtime, NB Libraries plan to coordinate inputting manual charges first, followed by a specific time to begin discharging at all sites.

RRS and ILS stats were not collected during downtime. Bob and Chris have written a script which produces all libraries' statistics in one report and will make it easier to re-run stats reports in future.

Calling Chain protocols. Access staff requested Systems tell us which part of the system is coming down (WorkFlows and/or IRIS), and when calling about a halt and run please give a time when it will be OK to log back in. Staff also requested Systems initiate the calling chain whenever the system comes back up after downtimes (often staff are not aware the system is available again).

We have noticed blank Address 1s when registering new students. We are flicking the address radio button to 2, but this means it will stay at 2 in future. Hopefully addresses 1 and 2 will be populated with email addresses as new students begin to create email accounts.

Patrons definitely lost some options and flexibility when we began sharing email address information with the university. They can no longer display their email address in the Rutgers Online Directory and receive print notices from the library. And they can no longer display their Rutgers email address in the Rutgers Online Directory and receive email notices from the library at a different email address.

Is there any chance of changing the subject line on email Recall Notices, to include a highlight or "Alert"? Chris will check.

2) Revisions.

a) Brochures. A revised list of current brochures was distributed (also available on the Staff web pages) and requests for additional copies can be emailed to Lucye.

b) Borrower charts. A revised Primary borrower chart was distributed. Changes include a summary of steps to take when registering primary borrowers onsite, the new 2-year expiration date and a table indicating when it changes, and a table with "last attd" values. Please note the "last attd" values are not loading correctly, Systems is working with Admin Computing to correct.

c) Access Services/Systems calendar. Revision distributed with projected due dates, etc. for the academic year.

3) Bookings fines.

A new OVDBOOKING bill type has been added to the system. OVD BOOKING bills are not created automatically by the system; they will be created at the discretion of Media Center staff for a certain $ amount and at a specific point in time. Access staff should always call the Media Center for an update on these bills before accepting payment and clearing the user's record. A PubNote will also appear in the user's record as a reminder. If you do collect money, send it in with regular cash transmittals. Media Center staff can be reached at 932-445-4980, ext. 156. OVDBOOKING bills are negotiated and waived by Media Center staff only.

4) Ariel 3.01 installation plan.

Ariel 3.0 is now Ariel 3.01 and should be shipped soon. A draft installation plan was distributed, including the order of installation and transmission use at each site. Send updates and corrections to Judy.

5) Old holds. Collection Support "users."

Bob is creating user records in test WorkFlows. Small groups will begin again to study these issues, and in preparation for the Sirsi trainer's visit Oct. 31.

6) Other items and Information Sharing.

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