Minutes of Thursday, February 14, 2002 meeting

Judy Odom was greeted on telephone conference call from Camden.

1) Report on sessions with Sirsi consultant: Holds, Long Overdues, PIN visibility by user login.

Discussions with Margaret Palfrey centered on implementing user-initiated place holds and demand management, and billing issues. We'd like to move forward with both initiatives depending on system staff availability and other RUL priorities. Notes from sessions will be distributed to circ_sub, following are highlights.

Place holds would allow users to place their own holds on books for pickup at a campus library. Filling libraries would be notified sooner and quicker turnaround would result. Some of the "A" Team's manual review of requests would be eliminated. Unit library staff would stop placing holds on most books moving between libraries, but would begin to message users when holds are placed on items in pickup libraries. We could start to queue holds, which would give selectors information about high use titles. The Rutgers Request Service would need to continue in order to process requests for pickup at off campus locations, "or order" books, journal articles, and unique reference or noncirculating items among the 3 campuses. Redesign of user interface in Webcat and instructions for users would be needed; new Reports, procedures and use of wizards are projected.

The Process Long Overdue Items Report identifies long overdue items, discharges them from user records, edits their current location to LONGOVRDUE (a shadowed location), creates a LOST ITEM note in Extended Information on the user's record with item and due date information, and creates a bill on the user's record. LONGOVRDUE items could then be removed from the catalog. The billing group also discussed how barring and unbarring might be automated, placement of academic holds, and overdue recalls.

Chris reported that it is now possible to limit a view of PINs to users with lower-level logins, but not same or higher-level logins. We recommended implementation and Chris will discuss it with the Systems Department to ensure security concerns are addressed (update: view of patron PINs will be implemented 2/19/02).

2) VALE reciprocal on-site borrowing agreement.

Instructions for registering VALE guest borrowers and a revised Guest Borrower chart were distributed earlier this month. The VALE web site was just recently updated with the library designees who will be signing off on the forms-- for Rutgers faculty, John Maxymuk in Camden, Ann Watkins in Newark, and Judy in NB. The "user name" and "password" needed to view the application form on the VALE web site were shared. Access services staff at circulation desks will see these forms when faculty from other VALE libraries present them and apply for guest privileges. Be sure to mail the forms to Judy after registering a new VALE guest user.

3) Standard replies and text: AAL, change of address.

We reviewed draft guidelines for telling users when and how to change their e-mail address with the libraries. Judy will incorporate suggestions, check out some details with RUCS staff, and issue a final version.

Also reviewed text of replies drafted by Stacy, covering RRS questions the AAL access services team will start answering. ASC suggested including the types of questions Bob & Tracey will continue to answer and made a few clarifications. These changes will be made and a final version issued.

4) Enhancements, Sirsi Webforums.

Discussed the time and benefits of getting more involved in Sirsi' enhancement process. We will continue to review enhancements as they are called up for a vote send in a Rutgers vote if timing permits. Staff can monitor the forums and anyone wishing to suggest an enhancement should compose it according to Sirsi guidelines and forward it to Judy and Chris for review and posting.

5) Staff users in test WorkFlows.

Four new staff users (CS-LSM, CS-ALEX, TS-DANA, and TS-CAMDN) are now available in test WorkFlows, and Ann S. will coordinate testing for possible use with managing items we send from circulation to Collection Support and Technical Services departments.

6) Misc.

7) Announcements and information sharing.

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