Minutes of March 13, 2003 meeting

Joyce Watson, new night supervisor at Dana, and Donna Cryan were welcomed to ASC.

1) Circulation and RDS statistics, Jul-Dec. 2002

We reviewed midyear access services stats. During Oct.-Dec., approximately 94% of book requests were filled as user-initiated holds, and only 6% as requests requiring “A” Team review. RDS filled book requests are up 20% from the same period (Jul-Dec) last year. Reserve circulation continues to decrease as expected with electronic reserves. Library statistics are available at http://www.scc.rutgers.edu/rul_stats for any staff member to view.

2) Missing Books Guidelines, draft #2

The group reviewed draft #2, and suggested additional changes. We will notify the missing books contact when books reported missing via AAL are charged to a MISS-LIB user, and ILS staff will ask missing books contacts for stacks checks. Updates will be incorporated into the draft and flowcharts. Jeff volunteered to draft an AAL standard reply.

The role of reference staff in the missing book process was discussed by PSC at its last meeting. Missing book guidelines and reports schedule will be presented to CDC next.

The missing books education/PR poster designed by Ken Kuehl (“Can’t find a book? Report it missing to a circulation desk and help us find it”) was reviewed. ASC members recommended we print copies for posting in book stack areas.


A system-wide meeting of all staff involved with PALCI (ILS, RDS, shipping, etc.) is planned. Wed., March 26, 2-4 pm was suggested. Date and time will be confirmed when a room and video equipment are arranged. The ASC will not meet in April.

Dan Iddings wrote to the PALCI listserv “… Rutgers also set an E-ZBorrow record in February 2003. They now hold the record for placing/receiving the most requests during the first 2 weeks of participation. And coincidentally (I’m sure) Rutgers placed the 115,000 E-ZBorrow request on March 10th.” From Feb. 14 through Feb.29, Rutgers borrowed 310 books from PALCI libraries and loaned 113 books.

E-ZBorrow statistics provided by PALCI’s URSA software will be submitted to library administration as part of the monthly interlibrary loans stats (transactions between Rutgers and other institutions’ libraries), in the “Other System Wide” column. To eliminate counting these transactions twice, Chris will look into excluding PALCI holds from our RDS filled holds statistical reports. NB Libraries RDS staff are independently counting the number of PALCI holds filled at each unit during the pilot.

We reviewed some of the situations that have come up— mismatched barcodes, no barcodes, barcodes beginning with a letter, multi volume sets, delivery problems, requests for items in noncirculating locations. Chris has been working with the Dynix programmer to refine our configuration.

We will ask unit libraries in NB to begin addressing PALCI returns to “ILS-LSM” or “ILS-Alex,” rather than Shipping. This will help prevent items being returned to PALCI libraries without first updating them in the URSA software.

Jane just completed testing and editing instructions for processing multi-volume sets (on a 4 volume set that’s on its way to Douglass). Instructions will be shared and incorporated into the “generic” procedures.

We also discussed our responsibility to ship multi-volume sets to other libraries and plan to follow the Univ. of Pittsburgh model: process the first volume in URSA by updating the request to ‘shipped’ and adding a lender note with info about what volumes are being shipped, indicate on the wrapper vol. 1 of 2 or however many volumes there are, and manually check out the remaining volumes to one of the PALCI dummy patron records. In general, PALCI libraries have agreed to ship up to 4 or 5 volumes at a time. Ideally we would like patrons to return all volumes at once but if this does not happen, ILS will hold on to them until a set is complete and return all at once. Instructions need to be written for shipping multi-volume sets as well.

A 28-day clear hold shelf report is under discussion for PALCI books, perhaps incorporating ILL books as well. Staff will need to manually annotate or eyeball their hold shelves for PALCI books not picked up after 28 days in the meantime.

What about PALCI questions on AAL? We recommended that questions about a specific request be picked up by ILS and referred as needed. Questions about policies or problems placing a request, interpreting a notice, etc. will be answered by the access services team, although it’s expected reference staff may occasionally answer these questions as well. Judy will check this all out with Natalie. Please don’t hesitate to consult with Judy about PALCI AAL questions (include JUDY in the forwarded subject line).

4) Misc. discussion items

5) Announcements and Information Sharing

NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 8, 2003.

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