Minutes of November 13, 2003 meeting

1) U2003

Chris s update

ASC tester comments, observations:

The group will continue to test but did not come up with any showstoppers and we're on track with the Jan. 2, 2004 implementation date.

2) Updates

A new series of missing book reports in Excel format will be available to selectors, four per year with the first one in December. The reports are configured and will be scheduled to coordinate with access services missing book reports and searching schedule.

The Database Maintenance Team has started using the new returned notices guidelines; Judy will summarize the process for circ_sub.

As previously announced, we can now manually edit addresses on all RU-ONLINE Guest alumni user records.

The RDS web document delivery group has met and based on tasks yet to be done and systems changes still pending, the rollout of this service has been delayed until sometime in January or beginning of spring semester. Planning to have fliers announcing the changes in RDS article delivery available in Dec.

The PALCI membership meeting last week included presentations by executive directors of other academic library consortia (Boston, Orbis), a statistical review of E-ZBorrow activity last year, discussion of future activities, and a general discussion about the new release of the URSA (Horizon ILL) software. The new software s release date has not yet been announced. It will need to be tested before PALCI implements it. A separate trial for user-initiated article requesting was proposed, as well as making participation in article requesting optional.

The term loan due date changes in December, special intersession recall due dates will also take effect. We decided to make all libraries "closed" in Unicorn 12/23/03-1/4/04 and no books will fall due on these dates. The "A" Team will be off over the break. This is our first experience with Palci during winter break. We expect to see hold queues age, etc.

Robeson and Dana continue to stamp due dates in books. NBL stopped stamping due dates a couple of years ago. Books are processed without date due slips and PSC administration does not maintain a supply. Self Services is the patron s record of due dates, which constantly change because of renewals and recalls. The number of total times an item has been checked out since Aug. '97 is readily available in WorkFlows.

3) Announcements

NEXT MEETING: The December 11th meeting has been canceled.

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