Minutes of September 9, 2004 meeting

P. Bellanca, A. Peteet, J. Reinhart, R. Smith, P. Weniger, B. Lipinski, C. Sterback, J. Teichmann, A.Martinez, E. McElroy, J.Gardner, Katie Anderson, Y. Ishii
N. Mukherjee, D. Meister, D. Vorhees
  1. PALCI/E-ZBorrow: turnaround time, statistics, STACKS-COM.
  2. Off-campus book bands.
  3. New user registration.
  4. Systems updates, issues.
  5. Announcements, Information Sharing.
  6. Next Mtg will be held at ROBESON LIBRARY, Camden Campus.

1) PALCI/E-ZBorrow: turnaround time, statistics, STACKS-COM

Dan Iddings analyzed E-ZBorrow turnaround time in August and reported overall averages for all requests, excluding weekends or holidays, as follows: Create to Ship: 1.86 days; Ship to Receive; 3.85 days, and Create to Receive; 5.71 days.

RUL borrowed 9,234 items and loaned 5,822 to PALCI libraries last FY. Camden and Dana interlibrary loan staff acquired approximately fewer books via traditional ILL. But NB/P s ILL borrowing of originals (which also includes microform and dissertations) increased 14%, despite staff converting all possible ILL book requests to E-ZBorrows. 61% of the originals borrowed from, and 61% of the originals loaned to, libraries outside RUL were E-ZBorrow transactions, but the overall volume of traditional ILL did not decrease. E-ZBorrow was clearly a supplementary service last FY. Also, we sent 12% fewer Recall notices, suggesting that E-ZBorrow is being used to get copies of high-demand titles we own and that are checked out.

Incoming PALCI requests for STACKS-COM items were becoming problems due to local libraries varying practices (shelving books and discs separately with different barcodes, local decisions not to circulate, etc.), and we decided to make STACKS-COM a noncirculating sublocation in our PALCI catalog configuration, until a standard RUL policy is implemented.

2) Off-campus book bands

Samples of new off-campus book bands were reviewed and copies will be distributed to RDS staff next week. They include return address for our four UPS sites in case off-campus users wish to return materials via UPS, FedEx, or U.S. mail.

3) New user registration

New students are appearing in the database now. Lots of PIN requests on AAL.

4) Systems updates, issues

5) Announcements, Information Sharing

6) Next Meeting

Next Mtg, Oct. 14, will be held at ROBESON LIBRARY, Camden Campus. A university van will be reserved.

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