Minutes of February 9, 2006 meeting

K. Anderson, R. Barbalace, J. Z. Bonianian, Gardner (chair), M. Harris, A. Martinez, T. McNally, D. Meister, N. Mukherjee, J. Reinhardt, G. Sandberg, R. Smith, C. Sterback, J. Teichmann,P. D. Voorhees (recorder), P.Weniger, I. Yoshiko
B. Warwick, M. Wilt


  1. RUID. Status, Updates.
  2. "Registering with the Libraries" form and "How to register borrowers" instructions
  3. ASC subgroups' purpose statements
  4. Service Desk Standards
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

1. RUID. Status, Updates

Bob Warwick shared with the group the timetable for the RUID conversion. In all, approximately 90,000 records will be updated. He placed a special emphasis on the importance of accurately recording the RUID in the ALT ID field, as any discrepancies will create duplicate records. This is because the ALT ID field is used to match Workflows records with the OIT online directory. The number is 9 digits with no dashes and will always have two zeroes in the middle. The group drew attention to several Special cases and concerns. RUID's will be issued to alumni. Alumni interested in registering with the libraries should contact the alumni office to get their RUID. If alumni come in over the weekend the Alumni Office can be called on the following Monday to follow up on their status as borrowers.

2. "Registering with the Libraries" form and "How to register borrowers" instructions

The group looked over the documented procedure. Workflows should be searched thoroughly before creating a new record. More than one means of looking up a record must be employed. The user must verbally confirm their RUID or the last 4 digits of their social security number. If alumni are online but don't know their RUID number they can use another form of verification on a temporary basis, such as a phone number or physical address. They will need to give their RUID eventually, however. Staff should be meticulous about names, (e.g. Jack versus John, etc.). A news announcement will be posted to communicate some of the FAQ's from the patron's perspective. The Circulation Group will work on Ask a Librarian standard replies to match these procedural changes as well as some leftovers from the previous remote authentication method.

3. ASC subgroups' purpose statements

The ASC subgroups have established purpose statements. These will be taken to the Public Services counsel for review.

4. Service quality standards

Marilyn asked for more feedback and possible focus on themes that were discussed at the last meeting. The group was pleased with the documentation that resulted from last month's discussion. Further discussion narrowed the focus of the comprehensive list. It was concluded that approachability is a critically important aspect. Ownership of questions, common knowledge, non-jargoned communication, empathy, projection of calmness, formality versus informality, the ability to "read" a patron, and courtesy were also mentioned. The regional nature of courtesy was brought up as an intangible aspect. Courtesy in New Jersey is defined as something other than what is recognized as courtesy in other states or regions of the country, not to mention the standards of foreign cultures within an international point of view. The training sub group will work on evolving policies and issues by continuing to work with Marilyn.

5. Announcements and information sharing

Glen: RUL was a net lender for the 3rd month in a row in all aspects: photocopies and volumes through PALCI and RLG. The real test will be how much we are making instead of spending. That will be known in September. On April 12th there will be an ILL open house. Staff and faculty are welcome to come in and see how the operation works.

Nita: The Resource Sharing Group is pleased with their new name and purpose statement. There is some concern about the slow system response in PALCI. Glen will send a formal request to see if something can be done on the programming side.

Penny: The disabilities group is working on a publication that highlights services for disabled patrons. A covered drinks proposal is also in the works. Shelf shifting is ongoing at Douglass with help from voucher staff.

Jan: Differences in the zones of DVD readers is creating problems for the media department. Jane Sloan is looking into possible solutions. The problematic ones need to be identified and, if possible, universal readers must be sought.

Andy: The Collection Management group continues to go over shadowed items in the collection.

Dean: Reported bugs in placing PALCI requests. A roof leak was fixed at the Annex but is likely to be an ongoing issue due to the age of the building.

Rose: Student appreciation week begins April 9th. Student of the year nominations have been made. The issue of evaluating student workers was resolved by deciding to conduct less formal assessments instead. This is a feedback opportunity that will take place before spring break. Students will also have the option to vote for supervisor of the year.

Roger: The Chang position has been filled. Rae Wong will start next week. Interviewing continues for Don Wilson and Matt Spaventa's positions. The new Timetrack implementation is being developed by 3 subgroups. Customer service is being looked into by another subgroup. Andrew Ruggerio is conducting a training session on RULink.

Katie: Addie Fuller is moving to serials. Her vacancy will be posted soon.

Yoshi, Maggie: Chris Bailey has passed away from a heart attack recently. Maggie has been promoted to Supervisor I.

Barry: The Billing Group is looking into online payment of fines in the future.

Jeff: Staff shifting in the wake of vacancies has made for complicated arrangements, but adjustments have been made

Zohreh: Emails for direct submission of electronic files to reserve desks are almost completely set up.

Michelle: The Circulation Group is working on an "automated claims returned" feature. Recently posted service desk hours on the NBL sit and will post to the RUL site soon. Alfrieda is now splitting time between SERC and LSM. We are working with better worlds to donate weeded books to Africa.

Darryl: ILS scan totals broke a record in January. Glen and Judy have donated a voucher employee to specialize in RAPID lending due to the heavier workload volume.

Next meeting date: April 13th

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