Minutes of July 13, 2006 meeting

Katie Anderson, Zohreh Bonianan, Judy Gardner, Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Jan Reinhardt, Glenn Sandberg, Roger Smith (recorder), Chris Sterback, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Penny Weniger

The committee was welcomed to Camden with juice, coffee and donuts, which were much appreciated!

The meeting began with a review of ASC goals for the 06/07 fiscal year. Since our last meeting, group members voted to prioritize goals. Judy distributed a result of the votes presented with a straight resulted and then calculated by "weighing" the value of each goal. Some of the items were group goals, others are anticipated to be approached as individual work. The committee reviewed each goal with an eye for those that will "be completed anyway" as they are scheduled software upgrades, etc. The remaining goals were assessed for degree of attention they will require to complete and the expected timetable. We added one goal, the creation of an online application for hourly employees.

The committee then turned their attention to the review of print publications for access services, and decisions were made on the need to continue these documents in print or rely on the web version of this information for patrons. It was noted that overall oversight for these publications was moving from Jeanne Boyle to Francoise Puniello in light of the current reorganization. The following documents were reviewed and recommendations made:

ILL BorrowingCease print version, direct patrons to online version
ILL Lending Cease print version, direct patrons to online version
Community Borrowers: Retain print version, useful handout at desk
Visitors Guide: Cease print version, direct patrons to online version
RDS handout: Retain print version, useful handout at desk
Borrowing Privileges:   Retain print version, useful handout at desk
Reserve Services: Cease print version, direct patrons to online version

* It was noted that reference librarians also hand out these documents and may have input on their usefulness. They also print and distribute handout that are not at Access Services desks.

The committee then discussed changes to the fine schedule and a revised Access Services- Systems Department Calendar.

It was noted that the average bindery fee has increased to $8.50. Jeff raised the question of whether we can do a "damaged but useable" fee that is more flexible, because often we charge rebinding fees and then don't rebind the books. If the patron were to encounter that material they would feel that a punitive charge was assessed with the material not being refurbished as intended. A question this raised was "who would determine the extent of the repair work to be done?" "Would this be determined at the circulation desk or would all material have to go through Ian?" The opinion was that currently all these decisions went through Ian.

We are waiting to hear back from Bob Sewell about any changes to the average replacement cost, and from Grace Agnew about the processing fee. Jane Sloan has been asked if a separate DVD replacement charge and media processing fee are needed. The fine schedule will be posted on the Web when a final version is completed.

The Access Services-Systems calendar for the 2006-2007 academic year, with updates submitted by staff, has been posted under Staff Resources.

We then turned our attention to a review of the display on "My Account" with an eye toward making some changes to develop a more user friendly display.

Our first item of concern was that the "Availability" field text "unavailable" was being interpreted as a final statement on the request, and not a notation of "in process" as intended. We debated several alternatives including "in process", "pending" and "not yet available" and
We settled on "processing" as the most accurate description for this field.
We decided to retain the "pick up location" field which was adjacent to the "availability" field and confirmed its usefulness to the patron.
We agreed to eliminate "pickup at LIB" as part of the "Available" status message, an earlier RUL customization that is now redundant with the new Pickup Library field.
We agreed to change the label of the "Availability" field to the "Status" field.
We agreed to change the label "Pickup at" to "Pickup Library"

The next item we looked at under My Account was the column "as of now you owe". There was reported confusion between "accruing fine" marked next to material that was checked out, vs "Bills". A better label was suggested as "accruing fines" to try and separate these from bills. We also debated simply displaying these accruing fines under the "bills" section, but that was ultimately thought to be confusing and also technically difficult to accomplish on the system.

The final aspect of "My Account" that we discussed was the display of long overdue items and bills. Currently the system displays a title field of "Not associated with an item", a reason of "Long overdue item" and the text "you owe" over the fine, $102. It was suggested that a better text for the title would be "please contact circulation staff for title info" so that patrons have a better understanding of what they need to do in order to identify the items they are being billed for and why.

Our suggestions and comments will be forwarded to Bob Warwick for review.

At this point we decided to combine group coordinator reports with general round robin reports in the interest of time.

The next major item was Andy Martinez and the Collection Management Group's "How to handle moldy items" directions and flow chart. The committee had positive comments and feedback for the flowchart. Andy talked the committee through the major recommendations contained in the report. One key point was the establishment of a "moldy item database" to better help access and collection services to track the origin and current location of moldy material in the interest of preventing the spread of mold. C/S staff would maintain the database but access staff would be able to use it to track problem areas in the collection. It was suggested to rename the document "RUL" rather than "NBL" in light of the inclusion of Camden and Newark in its scope. An appropriate location will be found for the document and flow chart [RUL staff resources?] most likely in a PDF format.


Judy announced that systems staff are ready to conduct training session for Director's Station. These will be offered for 9 staff members, and will be held over two days. Two different sets of dates are possible to schedule for access services, the first meeting 8/15 and 8/29, the second meeting 8/17 and 8/31. Attendance at both sessions is required. Chris indicated systems will look to learn from these first sessions and expand/curtail the program as needed. It is anticipated that additional sessions will be offered in October and/or November. Committee members indicated their availability on a sign up sheet and Judy will choose the final set of Director's Station Training dates and inform participants.

Roger announced some personnel changes in New Brunswick. Megan Ingegno has left her position at the Physics Library, and will be taking a job at the Franklin Township Public Library as director of circulation. Krista Dandurand will manage operations at Physics in an acting capacity due to the hiring/promotion freeze.

Dave Warner has announced his departure; he will be taking a position with Baker and Taylor as a subject specialist. After his departure, Michele Tokar will assume his responsibilities as liaison with UMDNJ programs, and coverage for reserve services at LSM is being considered.

Darryl discussed the increase in fees for copying is going into effect shortly. Copy card values will remain the same. Furthermore copy center staff and vendors have been making site visits to determine location of new equipment.

Jan announced that due to the budget situation with voucher money, both Music and Media will be closing an hour early and opening an hour later Monday through Thursday during the fall semester. Douglass staff will need to be prepared to handle questions and complaints.

Chris Sterback indicated that on Wednesday 7/19 the workflows IP address will be changed when it moves to a new network, and to expect possible disruption of service.

Judy announced the next meeting is August 10th.

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