Minutes of April 12, 2007 meeting

Judy Gardner, Roger Smith, Michele Tokar, Nita Mukherjee, Chris Sterback, Yoshi Ishii, Andy Martinez, Katie Anderson, Maggie Harris, Zohreh Bonianian, Penny Weniger, and Barry Lipinski, Darryl Voorhees.
Rose Barbalace, Glenn Sandberg, Jeff Teichmann
Jan Reinhart
Ann Montanaro


  1. Reserve fine proposal. Zohreh.
  2. RDS request form. Katie.
  3. New LOCALMAINT home location. Andy.
  4. Patron file: annual purge criteria and results, new school code, other.
  5. Delinquent Accounts schedule.
  6. Summer hours.
  7. Banned users.
  8. Group email account for PALCI notices, barcode changes.
  9. Training updates: Information services, J Client, ILLiad.
  10. Basic circ requirements for an ILS. Ann Montanaro (11:00-11:30 am)
  11. Announcements, information sharing.

1) Reserve fine proposal. Zohreh

The system removes Temporary brief titles created for reserve at the end of each semester. Records cannot be removed if they have fines associated with them. In order to remove these brief records, the fine must be waived/canceled manually. The Reserve group suggests creating a bill under “Misc” for Reserve fines, so there is a bill in the patron’s record. Reserve staff members at each location with reserve items with a fine would annotate the patron’s record with information regarding the reserve item’s charged/discharged dates. The ASC group evaluated this option and agreed on it. When Access Services staff sees a “MISC” bill on the patron’s record, they should know that this Bill may be associated with a reserve fine. The patron’s note-field should be examined for more information about the reserve fine. After the fine is paid, staff should remove the note from the patron’s record. Fines of less than $5.00 will change the status of a patron to ‘Delinquent’, and fines of $5.00 and up will “Block” the patron.

2) RDS request form. Katie

There have been many instances at desks and via Ask a Librarian where patrons have been receiving cancellation notices from REQ’s because they did not enter a pickup library. Patrons are not aware that this is vital information, especially when they are expecting web delivery, and many do not understand why a specific location is required. In order to prevent Requests from being entered without this information, the Resource Sharing Group recommends suggested some changes to Request/Other form. The ASC discussed these changes and approved the followings.

  1. Make REQUIRED text RED.
  2. Add field for PIN #. To prevent unregistered users from requesting items.
  3. Insert under pickup/delivery location: the following text: Required even for WEB DELIVERY.
  4. Enter text at the bottom that says: “Failure to make selections in required fields will result in cancellation of your request.”.

These changes will be sent to systems to be implemented.

3) New LOCALMAINT home location. Andy.

Andy explained in detail about the new home location, LOCALMAINT. The LOCALMAINT location used by Distributed Technical Services (DTS) staff in NBL and local Technical Services staff at both Dana and Camden. Any time they need to conduct work on a title that is not available to them, usually because it is checked out to a user or missing from the collection, they will change the home location to LOCALMAINT. DTS staff will place a note in the STAFF field indicating the work that needs to be done to the item. Access Service’s staff should be aware of the LOCALMAINT location. When a flagged item is discharged at a library other than the owning library the usual “Item now in transit” message would appear. If a flagged item is discharged at its owning library, the Route/Transit to “LOCALMAINT” location displays. In this case the item should be returned to local DTS.
This new home location should not be confused with “TECHSR”.
There are currently 2018 items with LOCALMAINT location. The majority of these records are from LSM weeding project.

4) Patron file: annual purge criteria and results, new school code, other.

17,457 records were eliminated in the last patron purge. The criteria were the same as last year with the addition of using the actual date of “Last Load”. No complaints reported.

Admin-computing has a new school-code for school of Art and Sciences. The code is 01-SCH A&S. This code cannot be created as is because the code has a space and an ampersand and spaces and ampersands are not allowed in the Unicorn policy tables. Bob Warwick modified this code and it will appear in Sirsi as 01-SAS, for “School of Arts and Sciences”. Barry was concerned that there are 2 spaces for school code in the placing hold. Should 01 be used for all? Judy said that eventually most of the school codes will go away. We will see this new school code for fall semester 2007.

5) Delinquent Accounts schedule.

The first set of delinquent account letters were sent out to current employees. There are some changes to the plan. The original plan called for 30 days letters to be sent out followed later by the delinquent account office sending their letters before we remove the lost-items from the catalogue. We would like to restore that plan. If people respond to these letters we would rather to see these items in the catalogue. There are 270 patrons who have items due on or before 7/1/2005. Chris Sterback will generate a list of names in July, so that Judy and Nita can send the delinquent account letters in August and September. Patrons will be given until November to return these items. In January Chris will then run the reports that move the records to LONGOVERDUE and create Lost-Item notes and bills, and then batch withdraw these items out of Unicorn.

Just a reminder, that while the item is in “LOST-ASSUMED” the replacement copy is accepted. As the items move to “LONGOVERDUE”, full payment of $102.00 should be made and no replacement copy is accepted.

6) Summer hours.

The summer hours are posted on line. The Service Desk hours for summer will be updated soon. The hours for NBL are same as last year, except for that the Math Library will stay open later Monday – Thursday evenings.

7) Banned users.

A banning letter has been issued for a non-affiliated Rutgers patron from the NBL for the first time resulting from an incident at Alexander library. The ban extends to all NBL libraries. If this individual is seen at the Alexander library, contact RUPD immediately. Staff at other locations should be alert, and report any incidents to RUPD as always.

8) Group email account for PALCI notices, barcode changes.

Michele suggested before to have online form to record the barcode changes and then report will be emailed to someone. Judy suggested setting up a group email account. Judy could add multiple people to this email account and they will rotate the responsibilities of checking the email and taking the necessary actions. Currently Judy receives these emails in her email account. Other use of this email is to put this email address in Palci User records in Workflows and periodically members of the group email account could check these emails and delete them.

ASC group members will come up with a name for this account.

9) Training updates: Information services, J Client, ILLiad.

Training group has been working with instructional services team to set a schedule for information services training. The training will be at the end of April, beginning of May. The announcement will be made soon.

J-Client training will follow at the end of May/beginning of June.

Training for ILLiad is scheduled for June 5th. Ill Staff and RSG members will attend this training.

10. Basic circ requirements for an ILS. Ann Montanaro.

Ann visited the ASC and shared one of VALE’s visions for the future.

Ann was appointed to a VALE committee with representatives from NJIT, William Paterson University, and the College of New Jersey to investigate the feasibility of implementing an open source catalog for VALE libraries. Open source software is free and written by the community using programming languages that do not need licenses.

There are two systems now available, Evergreen and Koha. Evergreen was originally developed by the Georgia PINES system while Koha was developed in New Zealand by Katipo Communications Ltd. Neither system currently has a live academic library customer; however, the University of Windsor has downloaded Evergreen in order to develop the acquisitions module. The Evergreen system does not have some critical functionalities such as Acquisitions, Serials Control, Academic Reserves, and Materials Booking. Ann distributed a list of basic requirements needed in a circulation system and asked the group to suggest any other functions that are missing.

11) Announcements, information sharing.

Roger reported that Mike Mansouri filled the new position of the Branch Manger for Chemistry and Physics libraries. Special thanks to Krista Dandurand for acting as a branch manger for Physics library for a long period. Also Paul Young, Kevin Conover, and Bill Lynch were thanked for covering the hours at Kilmer. Krista is back at the Kilmer library now. The new ILL positioned at LSM will be posted soon.

Roger also announced that we are joining with the Alumni senior salute day, which is next week. It is 2-hour program at campus center. It is an opportunity for graduating seniors to get information on Alumni privileges. Barry Lipinski and Alfreda Richardson will join this program.

Judy mentioned that Rutgers hosted the Ivies+ Symposium last month. This event went very well, thanks to all who helped and special thanks to Roger for coordinating this program.

Chris reported that the next version of Sirsi is no longer GL3. It will be referred to as ROME.

Next Meeting: May 10, 2007. Location TBA.

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