Minutes of June 14, 2007 meeting

Katie Anderson, Rose Barbalace, Zohreh Bonianian, Judy Gardner, Yoshi Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee, Jan Reinhart, Shawn Rogers, Glenn Sandberg, Roger Smith, Chris Sterback, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Penny Weniger (recorder), Darryl Voorhees, Jan Reinhart
Maggie Harris


  1. Goals for 2007-2008 and review of last year's goals
  2. DRAFT Calendar for 2007-2008
  3. J-Client Implementation Date
  4. Online Change Barcode form/Use of group email account
  5. Text of 21-day Final Notice
  6. ILLiad training and implementation update. Glenn.
  7. Free Article Delivery Proposal, Banning Procedures, and PALCI Spring membership meeting updates. Judy
  8. Announcements and Information Sharing

1) Goals for 2007-2008 and review of last year's goals.

The group reviewed its FY 06/07 goals:

Other 06/07 accomplishments:

The committee decided to carry-over online credit card payment, automated claims returns, and automated PIN requests. We discussed additional access services goals for FY07/08 that apply to all libraries and relate to an RUL Strategic Plan goal:

Judy will add details and timelines, for a final review of our FY07-08 goals at the August meeting.

2) DRAFT Calendar for 2007-2008

The committee reviewed the draft of the Access Services & Systems Department Academic Calendar for 2007 – 2008. The changes in the running of Missing books reports was discussed. The October run of the standard Missing books reports remains the same. However, the LOST- ASSUM reports were changed to allow return of items after patron’s receipt of delinquent accounts letters. Please continue to review the calendar and alert Judy of any necessary edits.

3) J-Client Implementation Date

4) Online Change Barcode form/Use of group email account

5) Text of 21-day Final Notice

Michele noted that the 21-day notice does not state that overdue books are still eligible for renewal. The text will be reviewed with an eye towards clearer explanation. However, ILL and EZ-borrow notices will remain as is. The Circulation Group has been charged with reviewing and offering suggestions for Judy and Chris’ consideration.

6) ILLiad training and implementation update. Glenn.

Glenn reviewed the ILLaid training and noted that the training was long and intense, however; felt the session was beneficial in terms of clarification. The new methodology should prove to be quite advantageous to the service. There are 3 distinct parts Lending, Borrowing and Document Delivery Service; Lending is live, however, the Borrowing end is in-progress, and the web interface needs reviewing. ILLaid was designed for a one-library system as opposed to multiple sites. The ILL manager system will end August 1 when we migrate to ILLaid. Glenn asks for patience as the ILS service goes through the learning process.

7) Free Article Delivery Proposal, Banning Procedures, and PALCI Spring membership meeting updates. Judy

8) Announcements and Information Sharing

Judy Gardner - the July 13 ASC meeting has been cancelled. The review of the Staff Resources pages is on-going.

Barry Lipinski - Billing: The Billing Group is working on Goals for the new Fiscal Year. Kilmer: Several cracked and missing slate tiles that had caused a safety concern were replaced in the front patio. Due to the Krista Dandurand’s promotion, Kevin Conover is helping out and working 1pm – 6pm Monday – Thursdays and Alfreda Richardson works all day on Fridays. Krista’s job has been posted and will hopefully be filled by September.

Chris Sterback – Nothing to report

Jan Reinhart – The labeling system is down and he and Shawn on working on getting it back up

Roger Smith – Krista Dandurand was offered and has accepted the ILS Associate II position at the Library of Science and Medicine. Peter Anderson is retiring after nearly eighteen years of service.

Andy Martinez - The Collection Management group are reviewing goals for the Annual Report. The Branches have been quiet. Two new items tapes for Alexander oversized items have been created, PER FOLIO and PER E-FOLIO. Prep work and planning is on-going in preparation for the LSM shift in July.

Dean Meister – Temperature problems continue at the Annex with reading in the office of 78 degrees and 78 in the stacks. The HVAC is being repaired. Beginning work on some summer projects.

Michele Tokar – LSM: Krista is working out well in both ILS tasks and public service. Christine and Michele went to the Medical school for a tour. A shipment is being prepared for Better World Books for next month. Meeting with the Selectors to plan and prepare for the shift. Circ Group: Held a “chat” meeting in Sakai that went well. Michele found that people were more “talkative” in chat. The group is working on Group goals and as well as discussing formulating some basic Circulation quizzes for staff.

Darryl Voorhees – The Copy Centers will be closing on weekend through the summer.

Katie Anderson – RGS: Working on tool bars and macros in J-Client. Camden: The inventory of the collection is continuing and they are in the Q’s and hope to get through the Z’s by summer end.

Shawn Rogers – Nothing to report

Rose Barbalance – The group has completed a draft for the on-line job descriptions and is working on a proposal requesting funding for Student Appreciation that may include some gifts. The July meeting will be re-scheduled due to work on the orientation packets. Rose has requested that anyone with old folders with orientation documentation be sent back to her for recycling.

Jeff Teichmann – Alex information has been covered in other member’s reports.

Penny Weniger – S&F group working on becoming familiar and comfortable with working in SAKAI. Hope to have a future “chat” meeting as done by the Circ Group. Goals and Annual report being discussed. Sub-group working on an Emergency flowchart. Douglass: Quiet despite the Sharon Fordham Media Lab renovations, which are going well and with little disruptions.

Zohreh Bonianian – Very good year for Reserves. Systems removed 7,540 New Brunswick records, which is 1, 000 more records created this year. Additional e-reserve meetings are being planned.

Glenn Sandberg – Karen Alberque is attending ILLiad training and will start full-time June 25th.

The July meeting of the Access Services Committee has been canceled. The next meeting will be August 9, 2007.

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