Minutes of August 9, 2007 meeting

Judy Gardner, Penny Weniger, Glenn Sandberg, Rose Barbalace, Michele Tokar, Tracey Meyer, Jan Reinhart (recorder), Barry Lipinski, Darryl Voorhees, Roger Smith, Maggie Harris, Yoshi Ishii, Katie Anderson.
Valeda Dent and Caroline Caviness
Dean Meister, Andy Martinez, Zohreh Bonanian, and Jeff Teichman.


  1. Marketing Plan and Kiosk update. Roger
  2. ILLiad and Article Delivery update. Glenn & Judy
  3. Electronic 029 Report.
  4. Automated Barcode Change Report.
  5. Staff Resources web page redesigns.
  6. Revised Access Services-Systems 07-08 Calendar.
  7. Group Reports- 2 or 3 highlights from your annual reports.
  8. Announcements and Information Sharing.

After an introduction of new RUL employees Valeda Dent (AUL for research and instructional services) and Caroline Caviness (SCILS intern), Judy announced that Nita Mukherjee would be leaving ASC next year. After leading a very successful pilot to re-establish the Libraries’ delinquent accounts process last year, Nita will concentrate more of her time on preparing delinquent accounts on an ongoing basis. Judy gave a few statistics from Nita’s end of year report (85% of value of items recovered from 97 delinquent borrowers by the end of June!) and thanked Nita for her efforts.

Marketing Plan and Kiosk Update

Roger Smith updated the committee on plans for the outreach campaign. Beginning on Sept. 24, Access and other RUL employees will staff tables at each of the New Brunswick campus student centers for a week at a time. The purpose: to answer questions and promote the Libraries’ website.

Roger said staff will also have laptops at the tables to give patrons PIN numbers to access their library accounts but not to register new patrons. In fact, the campaign, which will run through October and include parallel efforts on the Camden and Newark campuses, is aimed at students who are preparing to write their papers and study for midterms. He said they want to avoid adding to the information overload that students often experience in their first few weeks at Rutgers.

In addition to rehearsing answers for potential patron questions, drafting posters and assembling pamphlets (on issues like remote access), the teams will have a special draw to bring students to their tables – an Ipod raffle. One 30-Gigabyte unit with video interface will be raffled off, along with 1-gig flash drives. There will be no restrictions placed on who can enter the raffle, though “we won’t let someone dump a bunch of entries” into the rafflebox, Roger added.

ILLiad and Article Delivery report

The debut of ILLiad -- the replacement for the old interlibrary loan management software that includes free article delivery – has been moved back a fortnight to Aug. 15. Judy Gardner said some technical difficulties delayed the beginning of the service, but these now seem to be under control. Net ID authentication works, as do barcode and PIN authentication for UMDNJ, Rowan and RU retirees. Webpages are being fined tuned. Interest from patrons is sharp. And the old ILL software ends service on Aug. 30.

Katie Anderson said some RDS staff are not yet able to get access to the U-drive, an essential step for posting the scanned .pdf files for ILLIad. Judy said Systems would check into this and straighten out the problem.

Electronic 029 report

Judy said that Admin Computing has converted these former reams of paper outputs into text files that can be consulted in the Alex T-Drive. Access to these reports (which include patrons’ financial information) is limited to specific staff responsible for delinquent accounts. The T-drive will only allow access if the staff seeking to open it – under “Holds” in the Alex T-drive – has an approved Novell network login.

Automated Barcode Change Report

Staff no longer need to submit change of barcode forms in paper to Judy. Chris Sterback of Systems has created a report to identify changed barcodes in WorkFlows and will send it to Bil Gonzales at RUconnection on a weekly basis.

Staff Resources Webpage Redesigns

A number of Access Services groups are submitting updates of their web resources to Sam McDonald, RUL webmaster. Penny, the Security and Facilities Group coordinator, has gotten quick links for emergency contacts posted on line, things like the numbers of the police, health centers, and downloadable forms of accident and incident reports. The circulation and student training groups are also working on new links, which will be shadowed from the Web until early October.

Roger said he wants the Access Services Web pages to include links to employment opportunities (including pay rates and applications).


After handing out the revised Access Services-Systems calendar, Judy brought up an Ask A Librarian patron complaint that Chris Sterback asked us to discuss. The patron was unhappy that she was sent email from RUL that included her home address. Judy explained that this happens in Summer, when the confirmation and overdue notices switch to Address 2 in the patron record. Judy asked if this complaint had ever arisen previously – no one at the table could confirm it. Barry Lipinski suggested that patrons might also take issue with their names being connected in unencrypted email correspondence with specific library titles but that sending such notices is a necessary library service. Rose Barbalace pointed out that the home address information in the email notice is used to forward paper notification to users whose email addresses don’t work.

J Client Update

Tracey Meyer said the “drop dead” date for discontinuing use of the SIRSI C-Client is Dec. 30. After that date, only units that need to charge or manage bookings will be allowed access to the C-Client, and only for the bookings module. If booking patrons have issues such as bars or if there are problems with the items, staff will have to switch to the J-Client. Both clients can be run simultaneously on one computer.

Tracey reminded staff that the J-Client can be a bit slow to open, but speeds up as it is used. Upgrades will further speed up the new platform. Also, she asked that anyone having problems with their barcode scanners contact Chris Sterback (or their PC coordinator). Chris has found that some of the scanners need a simple reprogramming fix to clear up problems such as false in-transit or “not in catalog” messages. In response to a general question on who is using J-Client now, Maggie Harris said Dana Library is still waiting for an upgrade to computers capable of handing the J-Client at its public service desk. Access Services Group Milestones

Judy asked each of the groups for a couple brief milestones from the past year:

Circulation – Creation of a searchable database for the borrower’s chart/use of Sakai for student training/Shipment of 140 boxes of de-accessioned books to Better World Books (charity).

ILL – Extension of Rapid Article Delivery to Camden and Newark/ Migration to ILLiad

Student Training – Moving of quizzes, training documentation, student info from WebCT to sakai.

Resource Sharing – Tweaking PALCI procedures/Free Article Delivery/Migration to sakai.

Billing – New Media overdue policy/ Huge drop in recalls due to EZBorrow expansion (from 27,000 recalls in 2003 to 19,000 this past year).

Imaging Services – Introduction of new fleet of copiers/Increase in color printing and copying overall.

Security & Facilities – Migration to sakai of resources/ Multi-site teleconferencing.

Reserves – The new connection between sakai and Ereserves, plus marketing of it to faculty.

Collection Management- Use of PocketCirc devices to do inventory at the Art Library had been a big success and was a model for similar efforts elsewhere. Reorganization of the Douglass, Physics and Chemistry collections are useful to patrons and staff alike.

Regular Group reports

Penny reported that reference questions are up at the Douglass Access desk, despite the fact that hours were a bit shortened this past year. She believes that demonstrates that reference seminars conducted for staff recently have been paying off.

Longtime Douglass staffer May Chin will retire in October.

Rose said her group held a session recently with RU Psychologist Mark Forest on how to deal with distraught and possible unsafe individuals. Forest emphasized that, particularly with student employees, full-time staff have a role as trusted adult mentors. He explained the range of services available for students in crisis. Tracey noted not all staff who supervise students are in Rose’s group and that this topic might have wider appeal; she will suggest it as a possible program to the Training & Learning Committee.

New override codes for SIRSI will debut August 21.

Roger said Pete Anderson’s Associate II position is now opened, after Pete’s retirement. A search committee will form presently.

With the departure of Arden to law school in San Diego, Imaging services has two vacant positions and is reducing its hours at its LSM Imaging Services desk from 35 to 15 per week.

Michele Tokar mentioned the large luncheon being held to honor former Saul Waksman colleague H. Boyd Woodruff with RU President Richard McCormick attending. On Aug. 15, LSM will host a program for the famous nonagenarian philanthropist. The luncheon is being conducted at LSM because Tokar, Kristi Conover and Mei-Ling Lo worked on an exhibit celebrating Waksman.

Barry thanked Kevin Conover (LSM) and Alfreda Richardson (SERC) for their staffing help at Kilmer this summer. He reported that Kimberly Kaiser has been hired as the new LA II at Kilmer and will begin Aug. 13.

Judy said she wants to continue the ASC visits to Camden and Newark Campus, despite losing use of the Cook Campus minibus. She hoped members could do a combination of ridesharing and taking the train.

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