Minutes of October 11, 2007 meeting

Katie Anderson, Zohreh Bonianian, Judy Gardner, Yoshi Ishii, Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez, Dean Meister, Glenn Sandberg, Roger Smith, Chris Sterback, Jeff Teichmann (recorder), Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Ann Watkins, Penny Weniger.
Rose Barbalace
Maggie Harris, Teri McNally, Jan Reinhart.


  1. Patron Records:
    1. Proposal to change the expiration date in data-loaded records
    2. Strategies for consolidating duplicate user records
    3. Updates to eligible borrower files (aka Borrowers Chart)
  2. Change to proxy
  3. ASPM#3
  4. Brief records revisited
  5. Announcements and information sharing

1. Patron Records

a. Change in expiry date – The group discussed the document previously distributed to the Circ-sub list by Judy Gardner. There were questions on the new expiry date that would be used for FAC/STF that are no longer loading. Judy will ask Bob Warwick for clarification. Judy noted that this process will be suspended during the summer due to some records not being loaded at that time. The group also discussed expiry dates for all manually entered users and determined they should remain as listed.

b. Duplicate patron records – Chris Sterback noted that the last file of possible duplicate patron records created in May 2007 had approximately 640 duplicate records. The current one has about 1100 duplicate records. The new file will be sent to Michele Tokar for distribution and correction. General guidelines for record consolidation are to save the record that has a barcode, checkouts, and/or historical information (i.e. notes, billing info etc.). Enter the ALT ID from the record that is currently loading into the record that is to be saved and the record will be updated with the next data load. Any records that cannot be removed due to reserves being attached to the record, please forward to Zohreh Bonianian.

c. Update to Borrowers File – The RUALL program (RU Academy for Lifelong Learning) is now OLLIE-RU (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at RU). There will be a new Demographic status added to the pull down menu – AFFILIATE.

A couple of items were discussed regarding patron records –

For all RU FAC/STF – the SSN must be entered in the ALT ID field. Any other records (i.e. non-student) should have the barcode entered in the ALT ID field also.

'New' alumni will continue to show as a student from May until about the middle of September when the records will flip over to ALUMNI status with a one-year expiry date. The question was raised about updating the addresses in these over the summer – Chris will check with Bob to see if the addresses will revert to the last address when the record loads as Alumni.

2. Change to the proxy files for Remote Access

The proxy file was updated recently to reflect the current remote access policy. There is a new document titled “Who is Eligible for Off-campus Access and when it Begins and Ends” that is located on the RUL Access Services webpage under the policy section titled Off-campus Access to Licensed Electronic Resources and Ereserves. This document lists all categories eligible for remote access and when access starts and ends. It was noted that certain databases would still require a NET ID even if used in the library due to the license agreement for those databases.

The Visiting Scholar category was discussed. It was decided that since RU Connection is issuing ID cards for Visiting Scholars, we would only accept the RU Connection card as a form of ID and retire our library visiting scholar application form. Refer visiting scholars without RU Connection cards to the RUConnection online application form and office to obtain their university ID card. Refer anyone who states they are a visiting scholar but declines to obtain a university ID card, to Judy Gardner.

3. Revision to Access Services Policy Memo #3

The Confidentiality of Library Records has been updated to reflect the ability of law enforcement to seize evidence to secure it prior to obtaining a warrant. An example would be library computers or photocopiers removed to a police evidence locker pending a court order for their examination in support of an investigation.

4. Update to the Add a Brief Title procedure

It was decided to begin the new procedures as a pilot project as soon as the updated procedures (with revisions) were distributed. The new procedure calls for staff to edit the record (after adding a brief title) to add a note that states – Route to DTS – library in the CIRC NOTE field.

5. Announcements and Information Sharing-

- Sam will be moving old group minutes from the NBL to the RUL webpage and contacting group coordinators about the remaining training documents, forms, etc.
- There has been a request for all groups to list members at the top of the group’s webpage rather than at the bottom.
- A new round of Delinquent Account letters has gone out
- 52 letters were sent to Alumni Users with items due before 7/1/2005. The next round will be the other Guest user categories.
- ILS is quiet and they are currently interviewing for the lending assistant (Library Assistant 2) position.
- May Chin retires as of October 31st and they have a voucher assisting with reserve processing. The Security and Facility group is working on updating the Emergency call list booklet and an emergency situation flow chart for use by evening and weekend staff, both full and part time.
- Reserve processing is beginning to quiet down. The group did not meet for September due to the high volume of reserve processing.
- Eva Kalamotousis is the successful candidate for the Library Associate II position, Graduate Reserve Coordinator. This leaves the RDS coordinator position (interviews to begin shortly) and Eva’s former position as Library Assistant 2 for Reserves vacant in the unit. Alexander has been much busier that in the past for the month of September. Head Counts are being kept beginning at 11pm due to complaints about lack of seating in the evening hours.
- Georgina Alonzo is still out on disability leave, but is recovering. The Billing Group examined 791 user records and placed 629 holds which is very similar to last fall’s numbers.
- Dana is quiet. There was a theft from the staff office the prior evening. A problematic lock will be replaced to guard against a reoccurrence. An orientation session was held for new FWS employees yesterday and was a success. Staff have been manning a kiosk in the Newark student center on a staggered schedule. While there have been some tech issues, these seem to be fixed and they have had contact with 20 or more people already.
- The University computer lab in the front of the Robeson library has been moved into the building. The area will be opened up as a lobby for the entrance. Robeson staff had their kiosk at the student center last week to coincide with Banned Books Week, which was a draw for the people passing by. The Resources Sharing Group reports they are working through minor problems with the new ILLiad system and the heavier workload.
- The shift of the circulating collection has begun. The decision was made to temporarily remove the sorting shelves from the second floor to make more room for the shift. We are seeking an alternate location for them in the future. Caroline Caviness (RUL Diversity intern) is working at LSM helping with the shift and assisting with scanning for Reserves. The RU Connection office sent Michele a file of all the current ID cards it issues. Michele will circulate a scanned copy as soon as she can get a clear color scan of the file.
- Nancy Kim has accepted the vacant position and the LSM service hours have been restored to previous levels. Imaging Services is looking at the scanner replacement program.
- The Annex has good FWS students working this semester. They are working on the MARC holdings data entry project.
- The Collection Management group is working on the re-design of the group web page. The branches are reporting the number of FWS student employees is at 30-60% of last year’s allotment.
- There are still empty slots for next weeks Director's Station training. These empty seats (and any in upcoming sessions) can be used by faculty or staff that received training and feel the need for a refresher session. Shevon's job was posted. The batch withdrawal of records is on hold while Systems and Cataloging analyze the impact of loading Rutgers institution records into Worldcat. Institution records "are the result of incorporating bibliographic 'cluster' records from the RLG Union Catalog into WorldCat during the integration of RLG into OCLC."
- Kiosks in New Brunswick are in the 3rd week of 5 and speaking with about 8-10 people per hour. The Customer Service Training team was nominated for a President’s Recognition Bridge Award. Holly Muller will serve as the Coordinator for the Resource Sharing Group while Katie is on leave. Access Services will present a table at the State of the Libraries in November and the focus will be on the new Free Article Delivery system.

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