Minutes of June 12, 2008 meeting

Yoshi Ishii, Ann Watkins (Dana); Jeff Teichmann, Andy Martinez, Zohreh Bonianian, Glenn Sandberg, Rose Barbalace, Penny Weniger, Darryl Voorhees (New Brunswick); Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister, Judy Gardner (recorder), Katie and Petr Anderson, Christopher Sterback Michele Tokar (Camden)

1. Group Coordinators

There will be some changes in Access services' group coordinators next year:

Judy thanked Zohreh, Penny, and Barry for their service, leadership, and group accomplishments as coordinators of the Reserves, Securities & Facilities, and Billing groups over the past years.

Access services staff are also represented on various committees next year: Health & Safety- Penny ; Marketing- Rose and Michele ; ISAWG- Judy and Andy; Training & Learning- Jeff; Library Resources Council- Glenn; User Services Council- Judy; Disabilities- Holly and Penny; Holdings- Dean; TSCWG- Andy; LIS- Judy

2. Goals review

The group reviewed the status of our 2007-2008 Goals:

We also reviewed those 2007/08 Tasks that relate to access services on the RUL Strategic Plan Goals/ Action Plan, FY2007/08, and Judy will pass our updates on to Valeda.

Additional 2007-2008 accomplishments include: new courtesy notices sent to alumni about to expire and new graduates with checkouts; online RA application form, Oracle migration and use of off-line circulation; changes to expiration dates in the patron loader; paper files of place & remove hold slips eliminated, electronic 029 report, process to register Emeritus for off-campus access; 2 am closing at LSM and extended hours pilot at SERC & LSM.

We started to discuss ideas for goals next year including- automate PINs and claims return, implement new procedures for the Item Type conversion, implement open URL in ILLiad, 24-hour exams period at LSM, experiment with card swipe to verify status of grads entering Grad Reading Rm at Alex, self-checkout.

3. 2008-2009 Access-Systems Calendar- DRAFT

Judy asked ASC to proofread the Access-Systems calendar and send corrections and updates to her.

4. Updates/Announcements

NEXT MTG: Thursday, July 10, 2008

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