Minutes of March 12, 2009 meeting

Judy Gardner, Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister, Rose Barbalace, Jeff Teichmann, Glenn Sandberg, Penny Weniger, Darryl Voorhees, Tracey Meyer, Katie Anderson (recorder), Yoshi Ishii, Maggie Harris


  1. Removing old Reserve courses.
  2. Patron purge criteria.
  3. Old academic holds on the 029 Report.
  4. OLE Update.
  5. Information sharing and announcements

Removing old Reserve courses

Old reserve courses have been identified and need to be removed. Courses with nothing attached can be auto removed by systems, courses that still have items attached will need to be manually removed. This project will go to the reserve group. Going forward the group recommends that reserve items be created with more specific information in order to be identified for easier removal. Rather than just FALL/WINTER/SPRING designations, it is suggested that the items be identified by year, ex FALL09, WINTER10 etc…

Patron purge criteria

The group reviewed the patron purge criteria. Alumni will continue to be retained 2 years after graduation. It was determined the UMDNJ and UGRADís should continue to be kept as they are in order to avoiding having to re-enter those users. FACSTF/GRAD will be purged if they have a last load of 7/1/97-2/28/09 or a manual expiry date of 7/1/2008.

029 Report

The group looked at statistics on number of really old holds and discussed possible action. The group recommends that we go back to the 90ís with all holds from 1997 and before being removed (concurring with GEAC transition date). Further discussion will take place regarding later holds. The discussion included the fact that access services staff are not dealing with many people trying to get transcripts/register whose last attend date is before 1990. Most people attempting to get holds removed are more recent attendees. The group was asked to consider old GUESTS/FACSTFF bills (not identified on the 029) and how to identify and remove these old holds.


Judy, Chris, John Brennan, and Grace will attend the next Open Library Environment (OLE) meeting next week at the University of Kansas. Judy gave some background to the OLE project. We are currently in the first phase of OLE development which is to determine the design and report to Mellon. The second phase begins the build phase which is estimated to take 2.5-3 years. VALE is interested in OLE as it moves us closer to a statewide cyberinfrastructure for all NJ academic libraries. Judy suggested that the group review the OLE website (http://oleproject.org/) in order to see the proposed workflows and models and respond with reactions to them. More on OLE, including discussion and input on design will be discussed at a future ASC meeting.

Information Sharing

Chaiki Mills and Barry Lipiniski will be attending the Ivies+ Symposium at Darmouth, April 13-14th.

Annex Tours: A reminder will be sent out regarding the Annex tours. For those who cannot make it but are still interested in a tour, contact Dean.

Lockdown Procedure workshops will begin for the different locations and libraries.

Judy: LIBRARY ASSOCIATE II position has been posted for evenings at Math/Chang. Position will provide support for collection management, reserve, RDS and possibly float to fill in at other branches during the summer. Interviews to be taking place next month.

Barry: The doors at Kilmer have been fixed temporarily. Working on transferring 10,000+ Business/Economic titles from Alex to Kilmer. Weeding REF and plans to reconfigure the 1st floor.

Dean: Getting lots of transfers to the Annex. Finding space for the oversized transfers from Alex ref. Working on monograph recon and eliminating duplicates.

Rose: Student Appreciation Week begins April 12. Student Coordinator group discussing ideas plans. Working/preparing for Rutgers Day.

Jeff: Billing group working on the standardization of letters that are sent to patrons. Working on training, looking to create short training videos. Alex card catalogs removed. Working with transfers from Reference. New carpeting in May. East Asian Library is receiving periodical shelving from LSM, possibly some reconfiguration during the summer.

Glenn: Mary Donnelly is the new borrowing assistant at ILS. Gillian Newton will be assisting in the afternoons. Working on cleaning up PALCIís- what to bill etc. Attending ILLIAD userís conference.

Katie: RSG group working on documentation for ILLiad and Ask a Librarian answers. Camden working on major weeding project in order to prepare for compact shelving, installation beginning in May.

Penny: Working on making procedures for graduate carrels more orderly.

Darryl: Imaging services providing scanning services for Faculty to use RU Core. Copiers being moved around to maximize use.

Tracey: will send out email to verify Reserve desk hours.

Maggie: New work study students arriving, being trained for shelving. Working on book repair.

A general question was brought up regarding PC reservation and how it was going at the locations that are using it. Most of the support for PC Reservation is being provided by Reference, but Access Services staff are using it on evenings/weekends, when ref desk is not staffed. Positive feedback.

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