Minutes of January 14, 2010 Meeting

J. Gardner, G. Sandberg (recording), P. Weniger, M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, A. Martinez, B. Lipinski, J. Teichmann, D. Meister, D. Voorhees, T. Meyer, K. Dandurand, M. Harris-Clark, E. Fizur

1) Symphony 3.3.1 Upgrade-Update

Tracey Meyer gave an update on the upgrade to Symphony 3.3.1.

2) Updates

a) Library Hours

In response to student comments gleaned from surveys and other sources, RUL has received additional funding for extended hours during the spring semester. Attempts to make SERC a 24/5 study hall on the Busch campus were ultimately unsuccessful.

b) Media Move

Andy Martinez reported on the Media Department move to the Douglass Library. File cabinets and collections from the Kilmer Library Media Department have been moved; the Music Library collections are still being moved from their current location to the new location. Installation of new playback equipment is ongoing. Judy advised the committee that Kilmer Library will still serve as a pickup location for Media bookings.

c) Staff Assignments in New Brunswick

Andy Martinez is now at Douglass Library as the Supervisor of Access Services. Penny Weniger has moved to the Library of Science and Medicine where she will serve as Supervisor of the Science branch libraries on Busch campus. The Art Library will now report to Alexander Library; the Chang Library will report to Douglass Library.

d) Computer Lab Printing on Public PCs

Public PCs are being reconfigured to print in the local library student computer lab. Supervisors should go and see what the print default options look like at their public PC stations, since the options differ from library to library. Darryl Voorhees is working on instructions for patrons; Judy stated that the process should be seamless and not require instructions. Jeff Teichmann reported that he has not received any complaints from patrons about the new print options. Judy reported that the option to print to local Imaging Services for a fee is still in place. Barry Lipinski stated that this new service is a major innovation for Rutgers students. This collaborative effort between RUL and OIT is a service enhancement that our students will appreciate.

e) New Alumni ID Card

A new alumni ID card is coming this Spring. The new card will not have an RU ID on it. The impact on Access Services is expected to be minimal.

f) Fee Schedule

The fee for replacing a lost microfiche is $15; the fee for replacing a lost microfilm reel is $100. These changes are effective January 2010.

g) Emeritus Courtesy Notice

The wording of a new courtesy notice to emeritus patrons is under review. The message will focus on the need for emeritus patrons to check in, verify their address, and have their privileges renewed.

3) Privacy Audit

Judy Gardner, Michele Tokar, Barry Lipinski, and Dean Meister will meet to review the paper responses to the privacy audit survey. Many of the responses can be found archived on the Alex T: drive.

4) Announcements and Information Sharing

Tracey Meyer (Library Systems)
Systems employs four FWS students, but the department is still lacking full coverage. Please use the pager number only in a real emergency. Penny suggested putting out a reminder including hours when Systems staff are available for consultation. Jeff recommended that FWS students request additional funds from Student Employment.

Dean Meister (Annex)
16mm films from the Media collection have been transferred to the Annex for storage. Only Media staff will provide service for these materials, not Annex staff.

Michele Tokar (Library of Science and Medicine)
The Library of Science and Medicine will be open until 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday during the Spring semester. Michele is participating on the search committee for the LSM Administrative Assistant.

Krista Dandurand (Resource Sharing Group)
There have been issues with scanned articles not being received by patrons. Krista is working with Darryl on this. We may try scanning with Adobe and then using mymorph to convert from pdf to tiff, then importing to ILLiad. However, we need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on the scanning PC before trying this.

Yoshi Ishii (Dana Library)
Ka-Neng Au is now head of Technical Services at Dana Library. Circulation will be reporting to Haipeng Li.

Eric Fizur (Robeson Library)
Staff is working on shifting the collection.

Barry Lipinski (Kilmer Library)
Carpet removal and installation is still going on. Two former viewing rooms for Media will become group study rooms. Front doors are broken again; the electrical system is not functioning properly. PC reservation software has been installed at the public PCs. Older public PCs are limited in their printing options. Staff and librarians are reviewing possible uses of vacated Media space.

Andy Martinez (Douglass Library)
Douglass will also have extended hours during the Spring semester. New librarians at Douglass are Jane Sloan (Media) and Michelle Oswell (Music).

Darryl Voorhees (Imaging Services)
The Kilmer Media copier has been moved to Douglass Media. One of the Douglass copiers has been moved to the Douglass reference room. RU Express readers are due to be installed this coming week at Douglass and Kilmer Libraries. Darryl is working with Anne Butman on proper configuration for these readers.

Jeff Teichmann (Alexander Library)
Removal of old furniture and delivery and assembly of new furniture has been going on. Chairs are expected tomorrow. Staff is conducting head counts during winter session hours. Summer session hours are under discussion.

Penny Weniger (Science Branch Libraries)
The first meeting of the Science branch managers has already taken place. Branch managers will use their own Sakai site to communicate. Training in the use of Sakai will be arranged soon. Statistics to measure use of SERC are being developed.

Glenn Sandberg (Interlibrary Loan Services)
Glenn will present at the ILLiad International Conference in March.

Judy Gardner (Head, University Libraries Access and Interlibrary Services)
Judy will be attending the Midwinter meeting of ALA. The February meeting of the Access Services Committee will be held at the Library of Science and Medicine; the March meeting will be held at the Douglass Library.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am.

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