Minutes of January 13, 2011 Meeting

Judy Gardner (Chair), Rose Barbalace, Eric Fizur (Videoconference), Maggie Harris-Clark (Videoconference), Krista Haviland, Yoshi Issii (Videoconference), Barry Lipinski, Andy Martinez (Recorder), Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Glenn Sandberg, Michele Tokar, Vibiana Cvetkovic (Videoconference)
Jan Reinhart, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Darryl Voorhees, Penny Weniger


  1. Relais D2D Implementation
  2. Patron file and RIAS
  3. Mid-year review of 2010-2011 activities/goals
  4. Updates and Information Sharing

Relais D2D Implementation

D2D stands for "Discovery to Delivery". The Relais D2D Implementation Team is made up of Krista H., Judy G., Glenn S., Holly M., Paul Y., Meghan L., and Chris S.

Staff that are involved with day to day PALCI processing will have a suite of applications installed on their work computers that will print the book band and monitor the queue of requests. The link to the new staff catalog site will be forwarded to staff in the next week.

The date to go live with the new website is 1/25/2011 (Update: the date to go live was later switched to Monday, 2/7/2011). All PALCI processing staff are asked to sign up for one of two training sessions scheduled for the first week of February (2/2 and 2/3).

PALCI requests will no longer appear in our RU Pull Reports and holds for the items will no longer be automatically placed. Staff will have to print out the PALCI request bands from the staff website and use those to pull items from the collections.

Each site should make sure to have a supply of blue letter size paper on hand, as the bands will continue to be blue. Right now one request will be printed out to each letter size sheet.

If the request is not filled (item canít be found, etc), the request will go back to Relais and will be forwarded to the next site. When items are shipped, Relais will check the items out to one of our 5 PALCI user records.

With the new system, we will no longer have to process provisional PALCI requests as comments will automatically be entered on the request bands.

Borrowers will still have to use their library barcode to access the E-ZBorrow public website (Update: Rutgers students, faculty, and staff will be able to login with NetID while other primary borrowers will have to use their library barcode).

Patron file and RIAS

Our patron load has been impacted by the recent upgrade to RIAS III. FAC/STF user records loaded recently loaded have a problem with the last payroll date so only current Faculty/Staff were loaded. GRAD, UGRAD, and ALUMNI were loaded without any problems. IIS is holding off on loading FAC/STF until a fix to the problem can be worked out.

The University will begin to assign a NetID to new graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and staff instead of just using the user name for their university email account. This is an additional security level for University users.

New Faculty and Staff are currently being assigned a NetID while the security measure will start in Fall/2011 for undergraduates and graduates.

Mid-year review of 2010-2011 activities/goals

The group reviewed the activities/goals for 2010-2011.

The group completed the goal of reorganizing the Access Services Committee sub-groups. A new Circulation/Public Service Group was created by merging the Circulation, Billing, and Security/Facilities Group.

The group has almost completed the goal of implementing the new Relais D2D system. A "live" date of 2/7/11 has been chosen and processing staff will undergo training in early February.

The goal of evaluating E-Reserves and its impact on course management software use is still in- process. The Reserves Group is considering eliminating E-Reserves and the impact it will have on staff and our users.

Work still needs to be completed on the final goal of identifying item and user records to clean-up in our ILS in anticipation of moving to a new Vale-OLE.

Updates and Information Sharing

Barry L.:

Barry reported that the Circulation/Public Services Group is currently revising the groupís website in both content and format. The group was involved in the revision of our cash transmittal procedures which were implemented in January/2011.

Barry reported that the Kilmer Library has experienced water leaks (collections were not impacted) and that the entrance doors continue to experience problems.

Michele T.:

Michele reported that the Training Group has been working with Camtasia software in the Fordham Lab to produce training videos for staff.

For LSM, study space will soon be created out of the old DTS-LSM office area. The wooden counter at the entrance of the old office space will be removed next week. The main elevator in the building has been down for several weeks as a large project to replace parts continues.

Tracey M.

Tracey reported that about 40 individuals are left for migration to Zimbra. Final migration should be completed by February. Additional training sessions on the different aspects of Zimbra (calendar, mail, email, address book, etc) will be made available soon to library staff/faculty.

PC Coordinators should be around soon to install new anti-virus software on all staff machines.

Rose B.:

At Alexander, a new reference desk is being built. In the meantime, reference staff are available to our users at a temporary desk by the doors to the reference room. As part of this project, the PCs available to the public have been moved to a new location in the reference room.

The Student Coordinators Group has been getting ready for the new payroll system we will use with the implementation of RIAS III.

Andy M.:

A quiet study area has been set up in the Douglass Library. The glassed off mezzanine level has been designated as a quiet study with signage and walk-through by staff.

The use of the two group study rooms doubled last calendar year with the introduction of a reservation system.

Vibiana C.:

Construction in the library continues.

Vibiana reported on the two Access staff recently hired; Jennifer Reiber as a new evening staff and Jonathan Embres in Technical Services.

Maggie H., Yoshi I.:

The elevator in the building has been experiencing problems. New furniture for the quiet study area will be delivered soon.

Ed Berger from the Institute of Jazz Studies is retiring.

Krista H.:

Krista is working with Holly and the Implementation Team on testing for the new Relais D2D system.

Dean M.:

There is ongoing construction next door for the new dormitories.

The Annex has accepted microfilm/fiche from the Alexander Library as part of the Cafť construction.

Glenn S.:

Glenn reported that a messaging problem with ILLiad has been fixed.

He is working with Systems staff to retain a snapshot of the PALCI database when the switch over to the new system happens.

Next Meeting

Thursday, February 10, 2011
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