Minutes of September 17, 2012 Meeting

Vibiana Cvetkovic, Eric Fizer, Judy Gardner (chair), Krista Haviland, Yoshiko Ishii, Barry Lipinski (recorder), Dean Meister, Tracey Meyer, Keir Reavie, Jan Reinhart, Glenn Sandberg, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Paul Young
Rose Barbalace, Maggie Harris-Clark, Andy Martine


  1. Housekeeping: group rosters, FY13 calendar, contacts
  2. Draft Activities for FY13
  3. Proposal to increase overdue Reserve fines
  4. Placement of barcodes on books
  5. Updates to Access Services Policy Memo #3
  6. New EZB library records in WorkFlows
  7. Symphony 3.4.1 upgrade
  8. Announcements and information sharing

1) Housekeeping: group rosters, FY13 calendar, contacts

Group rosters were distributed for review. Judy G reminded group coordinators to make sure their Sakai sites are up-to- date and to contact Sam McDonald for any changes that need to made on the group web pages. The FY13 calendar was examined. It was asked that the switch to Alumni status, which Tracey M said takes place in the third week of September, be added to the calendar. Contact lists need updating.

2) Draft Activities for FY13

The committee worked through the grid of the Rutgers University Libraries Strategic Plan and decided on the following seven proposed activities for the Access Services Committee Action Plan, 2012-2012:

3) Proposal to Increase Overdue Reserve Fines

The committee discussed how best to deal with students who violate reserve policy of in-house, 2-hour use and leave the building with material. The consensus arrived at through discussion was that the current $25 fine ceiling is not a sufficient penalty. Committee members offered examples of problems they have had getting students to respond to fines and emails sent to them alerting them that the material must be immediately returned. Yet, the committee agreed that overdue reserves are not an ongoing problem and questioned raising the $1 per hour fine. Vibiana C asked if the abuse of reserves happened enough to make a change. Judy G pointed out that to attain an increase in the $25 ceiling, the per- hour fine schedule would need to be adjusted. Barry L said that he believed the problem is caused by a handful of students who violate the policy and that it would be helpful to find a way to concentrate efforts on making these students understand the seriousness of the matter, i.e., denying an entire class access to reserved material. Jeff T offered the idea of making the unauthorized removal of reserve material a violation of the student honor code. There is more to be looked at regarding this proposal to increase overdue reserve fines.

4) Placement of barcodes on books

At the June 14, 2012 ASC meeting, guests Carla Zimmerman and Mary Beth Weber of Central Technical Services presented a proposal to place item barcodes on the outside cover of books. That proposal was supported by ASC, though the question was raised regarding the ability of the self-checkout unit at Alexander Library to handle barcodes placed on the back cover. Subsequently, Carla Z and Jeff T tested the self-checkout unit and confirmed that it cannot desensitize books when they are checked out with back cover barcodes. At the September 17, 2012 ASC meeting, the committee discussed a new proposal (an email message from Mary Beth W) advocating that item barcodes be placed on the front cover of RUL books. Glenn S stated that while the placement on the front cover may help the workflow of Central and Distributed Technical Services, it would not be beneficial to the processing of E-ZBorrow requests. Glenn S pointed out that the blue belly band covers up the barcode when it is placed on the front. Barry L said that many E-ZBorrow books are received at RUL from PALCI libraries that put the barcode on the front. Jeff T said that he has found it helpful to put the belly band on the back cover so that there is no issue of covering up the front cover barcode. Jeff T wondered if a scanner gun attached to the self-checkout unit would work for a back cover barcode. Judy G said that should be tried to see if it would work. She said another possibility may be to put two (duplicate) barcodes on each book, one on the front cover and one on the back. The matter of advocating where the barcode should be placed was left unresolved at this time.

5) Updates to Access Services Policy Memo #3

The committee reviewed the wording changes in “The Confidentiality of Library Records” clarifying the point that a warrant is always needed, but there are exceptions when it does not have to be presented to library personnel-- “such instances when law enforcement personnel are required to confiscate equipment potentially involved in illegal activity in order to protect and preserve content.” Judy G reminded the committee that staff should not create any paper or electronic record for law enforcement without a warrant or in anticipation of receiving a warrant in future with request for such information. Always wait for the warrant, which will be reviewed by university counsel. And remember that with time, RUL online records go away.

6) New EZB library records in WorkFlows

Following the best practice suggestion of the E-ZBorrow User’s Group, items that RUL sends out are now checking out directly to an EZB user database. This practice will help RUL to generate notices to its E-ZBorrow partners. When Reserve staff recall items for a Reserve list that are checked out to an EZB user, Glenn S will receive those recall requests and will contact the borrowing E-ZBorrow library. User initiated recalls on items checked out to an E-ZBorrow library do not get recalled. Tracey M said one-day overdue and 14 days (LOSTASSUM) notices for items sent out from RUL will go to Glenn S.

7) Symphony 3.4.1 upgrade

Later in October, the Symphony 3.4.1 upgrade should go into the test system, according to Tracey M. Staff will be able to test it and if all goes well, the upgrade will go into production during the first week of January 2013. The upgrade does not feature any major changes.

8) Announcements and information sharing

Jan R (Media Center) – As of August 2012, the Booking Request form is now linking directly to the catalog. Recently, the Music Library received ScanPro2000 for microforms, a nimble machine that Mason Gross supported by paying for ˝ of its cost.

Dean M (Annex) – The Annex is ramping up its recon projects. A new scanning workstation for both public and staff use is now available.

Glenn S (ILS) – Jennifer Holland has returned to work from her maternity leave.

Darryl V (Imaging Services) – Both the Annex and SMLR now have public scan stations. After a few years of 15% to 20% reductions in photocopying (down to 435,000 copies two years ago), the introduction of public scanners has produced a significant increase in use. Hard copy duplication reached over 800,000 last year. Over 80% of this volume (645,000) is from hard copy original to electronic format, newly available through the public scanning service.

Eddie S (LSM) – The Collection Management Group has reviewed its procedures for handling floods, leaks, and mold. Recent emergencies at Physics, LSM, and Alexander brought this knowledge into practice. LSM is weeding rows of its Reference collection; many are going to the Annex). The freed up space will be used to expand the newly created eating area.

Tracey M (IIS) – Two work study students have returned.

Barry L (Kilmer) – Jill Locascio is enjoying her new librarian position in Manhattan at SUNY Optometry Library. Her vacated job has been sent to Human Resources for posting. Kilmer Library has been packed with users since the first day of classes. New soft chairs have been added to the first floor.

Michelle T (LSM) – At Physics Library, 3,000 volumes were identified as moldy. Someone pushed down the thermostat in the Electronic Classroom to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, causing pipes to leak and a flood in the classroom. LSM has been busy early in the semester and there has been a need for reference assistance.

Jeff T (Alex) – Summer construction projects at Alexander Library have been completed. Alexander has been sending out 150 to 200 PALCI (E-ZBorrow) items per day. Art Library is getting new furniture.

Keir R (Dana) – New security cameras have been placed on the lower level (print journal section) and new security gates (3M) are being installed.

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