Minutes of February 14, 2013 Meeting

Judy Gardner (Coordinator), Eric Fizur(at Robeson Library), Krista Haviland, YoshikoIshii (at Dana Library), Barry Lipinski, Dean Meister(recorder), Tracey Meyer, Jan Reinhart, Glenn Sandberg, Eddie Suarez, Jeff Teichmann, Michele Tokar, Darryl Voorhees, Ann Watkins (at Dana Library); Jane Sloan (Guest)
Rose Barbalace, Andy Martinez, Keir Reavie, Paul Young


  1. Symphony - observations, issues following upgrade
  2. Fines Schedule- rev. draft #2
  3. Access/Authentication
  4. Media clip and streaming services. Update
  5. Policy reviews: returned book receipts, Emeritus expiration dates, other
  6. Announcements and Information Sharing

1) Symphony - observations, issues following upgrade.

Things went OK with the upgrade. Some people like the new tabs. A few others noticed that some customized labels did not carry over. Be sure to double-check your Properties before reporting wizard malfunctions.

2) Fines Schedule- rev. draft #2.

ASC reviewed and approved the revised fines schedule with various equipment charges spelled out; an average of $50 remains the default for equipment. Equipment overdue and replacement notices need to be reviewed next.

3) Access/Authentication.

We reviewed a chart illustrating authentication for RUL resources and services.

4) Media clip and streaming services. Update.

Audio and visual Reserves have migrated to the new Wowza server. Jan demonstrated the new user interface and an example of a streaming film clip. Processing is more efficient; the file conversion process has been improved and media staff can now assign course passwords. So far this semester 500 files have been processed for 12 courses.

Jane Sloan then discussed the request process for faculty, how requests may move through the system by way of Acquisitions, and access services staff’s role. Rule of thumb for Access Services staff is to be positive and never give a negative “we can’t do this” response, refer all requests to Jane Sloan who will then have a discussion with faculty to determine what exactly is requested and the best way to fill the request. For example, some of the questions Jane might ask in an interview with faculty are:

5) Policy reviews: returned book receipts, Emeritus expiration dates, other.

We should be giving returned book receipts out as needed/requested by patrons. We will discard the old Returned book receipt forms that may still be lurking around, and provide dated screen prints of users’ records. Emeritus expiration dates should be 6/30/yr or 12/31/yr; this has been updated on the Borrowers Chart. When only official ‘rutgers.edu’ emails are permitted in the RU directory, that’s what we’ll get in patron loads; our how to change your email instructions and flier need to be updated.

6) Announcements And Information Sharing

Judy: There will be an update to the EZ-Borrow software in about 1 month.

Barry: Work on Kilmer’s new front doors scheduled to begin May 16. Kilmer’s LA II Collection Management Job has been posted. Updated us on the status of the 029 list.

Tracey: Joint ILS user email accounts have been added for ILS Lending use.

Michele: Problems with the LSM front doors, Painting is going on, The Sup II line has been posted, Physics Library is still having problems with a roof leak.

Darryl : The new Imaging Services staff person, David Williams, started in January. 28 scanners in 12 locations were upgraded in 3 days with scan to fax and print to lab capabilities. Follow-up training and new signage is planned.

Dean: Liza Kostic made the arrangements with facilities for our annual Recyclemania dumpster purge; Annex staff continues working on 2 recon project and dup copies withdrawals.

Eric: Working on floor plans for the top floor at Robeson, a super quiet space for study and special collections will move to old graduate reading room area. A new rest rooms on 1st floor and a new door for Tech Services area are under construction. Some shifting of books taking place and microforms are being weeded.

Jeff: The Grad Reading room will now be open during the study hall hours. Compact shelving is being installed at Art. Jeff and Harry will be presenting a post at NJLA on stress relieving activities at exams-- Stressbuster and Pet a Puppy

Krista: Orla and Barbara conducted ILS training session for unit and branch staff and we’re now sending requests via email and using OCLC’s Article Exchange for lending articles to other libraries.

Eddie: Periodical consolidation has resulted in some titles moving to/from Alex and Douglass; Special collections is getting compact shelving and CM staff will use the crates it was shipped in to create holding shelves for surplus shelving in BB level at Alex; some bound periodicals at LSM needed to be shifted during painting of walls; a shift is needed of LSM Reference so shelves can be removed.

Glenn: EZB stats are up.

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 11, 2013

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