Minutes of the February 27, 2014 Meeting

N. Wadley (chair), J. Reinhart, E. Fizur, V. Cvetkovic, D. Voorhees (recording), B. Lipinski, M. Tokar, Y. Ishii, D. Meister, R. Krack, R. Barbalace, J. Teichmann, D. Hamlette, Y. Zhu, P. Young, K. Haviland, A. Martinez, T. Meyer
M. Harris-Clark, V. Cvetkovic,
C. Sterback, Z. Bonianian
G. Sandberg, M. Harris-Clark, K. Reavie

1. eReserves authentication update (Bonianian, Young)

2. Text Messaging and Change to Proxy Extract for Off-Campus Access (Sterback)

3. 2013/14 Action Plan status of access components (All)

4. Group Updates (Function group leaders)

5. ILL and DOCLINE integration

6. Shipping in Newark - RBHS issues

7. Borrowers chart updates (Wadley)

8. General updates and information sharing

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/access_serv_com/minutes/access_serv_comm_min_14_02_27.shtml
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