Minutes of June 10, 1999 meeting

  1. ASC goals. 1998/99 Circulation Subcommittee goals:
    • Implement Workflows. [DONE]
    • Seamlessly charge/discharge other libraries material, lobby Sirsi for changes to accomplish.
    • Place documentation and policies on web page. [Carry forward to next year]
    • Implement online forms (ILL, RRS journal). [DONE]
    • Load student and employee records, clean up patron file. [DONE, incl. UMDNJ student records. New Database Maintenance Team is addressing clean up and maintenance on an ongoing basis]
    • Develop policy and procedures to deal with old Holds and long overdue items. [group is meeting to develop policy.]
  2. Other accomplishments: participation in Ask a Librarian and new procedures for delivering barcodes and PINs to users, Unicorn and Workflows training, limited electronic reserve service.
  3. 1999/00 Access Services Committee goals:
    • Place documentation and policies on web page, including forms.
    • Assess user needs and increase user education efforts, especially use of Self Services.
    • Send RRS journal articles via Ariel.
    • Explore and implement existing/new features of Unicorn: inventory capabilities, in-transit procedures (Trap Holds), guest/temporary check out for full implementation of RUconnection as library cards, increase use of Reports for analysis and statistics, new system releases and Reserve wizards, procedures for dealing with Old Holds and long overdue items.
    • Clean up the 029 Report and pre-IRIS individual library holds, send expired users with overdue transactions to Student Financial Services on a regular basis.
    • Expand electronic reserve services.
  4. Unicorn and Workflows.
    • The following observations about Workflows were made:
      • Registering a new user involves more steps.
      • Checking on the location where an individual's Holds are held is more difficult since this information is only in the item record.
      • The more items a user has checked out, the longer it takes the user's record to display.
      • Logging on as another user (library) takes longer.
      • User's name doesn't display on discharge screen
      • Working with multiple screens open takes more time.
      • Item call numbers and barcodes don't display in user's list of checkouts.
      • Glossaries don't display all digits of barcodes (last digit is cut off).
      • Format of message when discharging a recalled item is different, with "Route to LIB" at bottom of screen.
      • Lost ability to email contents of screens.
      • Placing a Hold involves more steps.
    • Reviewed top 20 enhancement suggestions from Sirsi's 1999 enhancement survey. English worded error messages, appearance of patron's name during Renew Item, overdue fine history, and audible alerts are potentially helpful enhancements.
  5. Summer Session, summer groups & borrowers.
    • Records for summer session students are in the user database, issue plastic cards if they don't have an RUconnection card. Janie is entering core user records for NEH and high school teachers-- expiration will be last day of the program, Alt ID will be last name if SSN not provided, and address will be the department's or program's address. Update user records when issuing barcodes and cards at desks.
  6. Fees, fines, notices.
    • Proposed revisions to the fee and fine schedule were approved by Cabinet, with the addition of a $20.00 processing fee when a replacement copy is provided, which ASC thought was a good idea. ASC would also like to add a $10.00 average replacement fee for Reserve photocopies. Circulation Policy Memo #5 will be updated. A news item on RUL's web page highlighting major changes, with referral to staff for details was suggested. We reviewed draft #2 of notices text and made minor revisions.
  7. RRS.
    • RRS problem sampling results are in and will be compiled for discussion at the next meeting.
    • Beginning July 1, please use the Copy Center fund number [3-74711-8880] for cash transmittals for photocopies in New Brunswick (remember fee also increases to $3 for requests placed beginning in July).
    • A revised RRS statistics form for use next FY will be distributed.
  8. Tri-fold brochures.
    • We agreed to eliminate individual library's "Access Services Procedures/Policies" brochures and will produce one version for use system wide. Local information such as photocopy facilities, location guide to collections, and checkout times should be incorporated in library web pages. "Reserve Services, A Guide for Faculty" is needed in brochure format; it will be updated with ereserve information (the Reserves web page has already been revised). We agreed to eliminate the "Access Innovations/How to Use the Rutgers Request Service" bookmark. The Rutgers Request Service tri-fold brochure will be updated with $3 article charge information and can be used to give to users with their PINs. A new Recall bookmark was suggested.
  9. Ereserves.
    • It's OK to send Fall course related materials to the Copy Center for scanning.
  10. Y2K.
    • Reviewed draft of RUL's Y2K Contingency Planning Document and recommended the paragraph beginning "To circumvent possible problems, . . ." be eliminated. Agreed to keep the following text: "Online circulation is not considered an essential service. If necessary, manual circulation could be maintained on a temporary basis (length of time depends on activity within the individual library). Ultimately, it might become necessary for the Library to consider some form of reduced service." The document is under review by other groups.
  11. Systems Report.
    • The system was down last Friday. Expect another day of downtime within the next week when the operating system is restored and updated. Systems will communicate downtime updates via the rul staff and faculty lists.
    • Bob and Kalaivani are in Huntsville this week for API training. Release 99.2 includes Reserve wizards; will be loaded in the test system in July.
  12. Misc. and information sharing.
    • Copies of the new monograph order form will be distributed to Reserve staff.
    • Statistics needed for annual reports: automated circulation transactions by library, automated reserve transactions by library, number of reserve courses by library. Year-end RRS stats will be distributed as soon as stats for June are submitted.
    • Penny reported the water demo was successful and will be repeated in Camden, Newark and another in NB.
    • There's a big shift taking place at LSM on the second floor, shifting team on site. LSM librarians are providing input for collection space projections. Some shelf reading and maintenance also planned.
    • If you have statistics on time elapsed from when a hold is placed to when it is removed, please send them to Barry.
    • NB's circulation functional group is discussing minimum skills, confidentiality of records, hold shelf conventions. Christopher Lee starts Monday at the Annex, Music Library position on hold, Physics evening position open, previous Kilmer evening position will be shared with Art (4 evenings Art, 1 Kilmer). During the summer Liza is at Alex, Jeff is helping with the LSM shift, and Drue is part time at Alex. Librarian's office is under construction at Chang.
    • Starting on July 1, ILS will process requests for Camden and Newark law library materials (as RRSs on ILL forms), and the science branches will fill ILL requests. ILS and LSM staff will collaborate on shared use of a new flatbed scanner and Ariel software (on order).
    • Zimmerli expansion impacting the Art Library, including an emergency rerouting of cable and blocked entrance.
    • NB's Reserve team has reviewed how to remove reserves, discussing impact of ereserves and copyrighted articles, guidelines for use of personal copies.
    • Mary has prepared a list of Chemistry journal titles to send to Annex.
  13. NEXT MEETING: Thurs., July 8, 1999, 9:30 a.m., Admin Conf. Rm., 3rd fl. Alexander Library

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