Minutes of October 14, 1999 meeting

Karen Oster replaces Ann Montanaro as the Systems department representative on the Access Services Committee.

  1. Publications.

    Packets of current publications were distributed. Harry Glazer is working on bookmarks for Self Services and Recalls.

  2. Copy Center, Networked Printing, Ereserve Update. Donna Cryan

    The Copy Center is investigating dual purpose printer/copiers. Users can send print jobs from public access terminals, identify jobs by assigning a password, and call them up for printing at the machines with a copicard. Printer/copiers will also be used for making photocopies, and will be placed in the New Brunswick and Newark libraries. Alexander may have one by January 1.

    Quality of scanned ereserve documents is as good as the original submitted by instructors(if bad in, then bad out). One photocopied page per 8 x 11 page is best format. Donna and Dean worked with a professor's electronic files and processed them for ereserves; Copy Center is anxious to work with more efiles. A pdf copy of the Ereserve Transmittal Form is available on the Alex server. Staff can open it in Adobe, fill it in, print out, and submit with articles for scanning. Typed forms are better because of problems deciphering handwriting.

    [Karen asked for clarification of our "take off reserve" policy. Because lists are edited and changed by instructors each semester, we have always removed reserve records rather than make them inactive or pending. Karen will be working with Robeson to test Reports in Reserves.]

    Donna distributed new instructions for NB faculty to set up departmental purchase orders for RRS articles. Please send a photocopy of cash transmittals that include cash for RRS articles to Donna (not Nancy H.), as well as the NB Admin Team.

    Copy Center will begin sending ILL articles via Ariel from the overhead scanner soon. A color copier is almost operational at the Art Library. Copy Center's public fax service is described in their brochure and web page.

  3. Unicorn.

    99.2 Testing & Training.
    Karen's "U99.2 Software Testing," a document in progress, reports on status of bugs and problems reported by testers, and will be updated periodically. Karen reviewed the importance of "Properties" in 99.2. They can be set globally, also changed locally and saved to the desktop. We need Properties recommendations for access services wizards, a review of logins and overrides, and possibly reserve wizard training. Access Services staff will attend training offered by the Cataloging and Authorities Training Team in November. Karen recommended hands-on working sessions for follow up, possibly by function or module, which we will plan and schedule for the beginning of December.

    User Database.
    Temporary loss of user statuses due to Sirsi's error was reported on the list. Statuses were subsequently reinstated, though we missed "unbarring" and removing academic holds for some users during this period. The purge of over 20,000 inactive and old user records was also reported on the list, and will take place annually. The number of graduate students with UGRAD profiles is greatly reduced, but we're still seeing some. If reported, ask the user if they are a current student (LST ATTD date 9901, 9907 or 0000). If yes and their school field is blank, advise them to update their university record with the Registrar. Records lacking school codes, automatically default to UGRAD profiles. We've identified the code used for college honors students which is set to map to our database with a GRAD profile, and will inform honors program advisers. The User Database Maintenance Team will be asked to work on problem user records soon..

  4. Reserve Request form.

    Roger, Judy and Sam McDonald met to discuss the design of an online reserve request form. Drafts of the form, the record (screen) returned to instructors when completed, and an example of information emailed to reserve staff, were distributed. Circled text can be customized by reserve desk/location. Forms will be emailed to reserve staff and a backup. Boxes rather than individual fields permit copy&paste from IRIS. Some other features were borrowed from Robeson's form. ASC will share draft forms with reserve staffs at their libraries, and test the form (currently going to Sam's email). Comments and suggestions are due to Judy by November 1st.

  5. Rutgers Request Service.
    • Overdue Recall Update. Reports are running to identify overdue recalls, Bob reports approximately 10 per day. OVD-RECALL Statuses are appearing in WebCat, and new updated Replies on usersRequests.
    • UMI CDPER titles at Douglass. CDPER titles have been removed from Douglass Library. The A Team will be alerted, but until holdings are updated in IRIS they can not be expected to deflect all CDPER requests from Douglass.
    • E-journals. When unable to fill requests for articles in periodicals that are also owned as an e-journal, our current policy is to reply to users that articles MAY be available online and to check with a reference librarian for assistance. We do not verify availability by following an e-journal's URL to the article level.
    • NB RRS documentation. NB's RRS function group has extensive procedures documentation which they will post to their web page. The documentation has broad application and will be useful in the development of the Access Services's system wide manual.
    • Replies. Standard Request Replies for unit RRS staff are being worked on by NB's RRS Team and others.
    • Ariel for RRS Proposal. A proposal is under review for libraries with Ariel software to begin transmitting some RRS documents.
    • SERC's RRS requests. Reminder to charge items to RESV-SERC, instead of placing Holds.
    • RRS copying accounts at Chemistry & Physics. Judy will check if a separate account is needed.

    6) How Do I? questions. Status check.

    Various groups are completing and submitting answers. The NB Billing group composed a new set of billing questions.

  6. Updates and Information Sharing.
    • Government documents and book weeding is ongoing at Robeson.
    • New student training at Chang, worked with professor's electronic file for e-reserves.
    • Rose Barbalace, new RRS staff at Alexander, revised the in-house use band and stats form. NB's RRS functional group has an updated mission statement.
    • Three openings in NB Libraries Access Services: Supervisor 2 at Alex, Associate 3 at Alex, LA2 at Kilmer/Art. Joanna Karwowska has transferred to SERC and Ghislaine Butrica has transferred to LSM.
    • ILS/Alex is processing RRS requests for Crimj materials now. Please remember to discharged overdue ILLS that have been recalled, flagging the band would be helpful if possible. Reminder we do not offer a walk-in ILL service. ILS/Alex office will beta test RLG's ILL Manager software and host a regional training session next week. Rutgers is using in the NJ statewide system (Ameritech's RSS) for lending to participating NJ libraries.
    • NB Billing group composed how do I billing questions. Kilmer has been experiencing server problems for about a week.
    • Douglass has intermittent server problems too. NB's Collection Management function group has completed shift at Math, small shift in Reference at Alex, working on standards for statistics. Reference collection at Douglass has been weeded in anticipation of D21 (Douglass 21st century)
    • Dana is a full service ILS site now, borrowing and lending all ILLs. Additional part-time help has been hired, and students are being trained on Ariel. Barbara Crowley has retired, staff are filling in to help with Reserves processing.
    • Reference (including maps) and periodicals are being shifted at LSM. Experiencing impact of patron use of electronic reserves.
    • Transfer of Chemistry materials to Annex is complete. Ereserves takes more time to process.
    • Security situation at Physics, LSM reference book caught by security system.
    • Alcohol has new work study students; had guest borrower who wanted to "buy" books rather than return them.
    • Computers are being upgraded at Art. Color copier is coming. Also recent security problems, Asian Art books missing.
    • Mark Cardullo is new staff in Systems (Armen's position). Kalaivani has been appointed to the Unix operator position, her old position will be reviewed before posting; she will continue to work on the Unicorn user data load.

Next Meeting:
Thursday, November 11, 9:30 a.m.
Admin Conference Room, 3rd floor Alexander Library
College Avenue Campus

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