Minutes of November 11, 1999 meeting

  1. PSC Work Plan, AY 2000.

    Reviewed the ASC's role in the Public Services Council's priority activities.

  2. WorkFlows, U99.2.

    • Training Update.
      Circulation and Reserves training sessions for WorkFlows U99.2 have been announced to the RUL staff and faculty lists, and copies of the Training Manuals mailed to each library. Participants are expected to read the manuals, and prepare and bring samples to the training.
    • Properties for Circulation and Reserve wizards.
      Karen distributed spreadsheets for the General, Circulation, and Reserve wizards. Customizable Behaviors, Defaults, and Helpers associated with each wizard (some have more than others) are listed, along with the current local defaults delivered by Sirsi. After practice and training sessions, we should be prepared to give our default choices to Systems-- by campus for Circulation wizards (NB, Newark, Camden) and by library for Reserve wizards. Wizard Properties can also be customized locally and saved to a custom toolbar.
    • Logins.
      Systems currently maintains over 580 individual logins, ensuring staff and student accountability. With U99.2, these individual logins go through a generic set of profiles, which Karen is presently mapping. Generic IDs will then be written to the log, resulting in some loss of accountability. What is the University's security auditor's reaction to this change? In the past we were under pressure to eliminate the use of generic circulation desk logins. Karen also described how supervisors may be given permission to create student logins. ASC was enthusiastic about the possibility of issuing and managing student logins at local units, and we will pursue this option.

  3. Misc. Items.

    • Primary Borrower Chart. Update was distributed.
    • Do We Know How to Reach You? Agreed a revised version of our original flier should be posted on the Libraries' web page. Send editorial suggestions to Judy.
    • Guest Researcher Application. Update was distributed ("rev." date needs to be corrected)
    • Online Reserve Request form- revision. Suggestions were reviewed by Sam, Roger and Judy, and most were incorporated in the revision. Sam asked for a copy of the form for each library, with the library's text/wording written directly on the copy, and the names and email addresses of two staff persons who will receive forms submitted by faculty. Judy will coordinate, and Roger will be asked to help gather information for NB reserve desks.
    • Ariel and RRS Experiment. Libraries with Ariel software will start this week to send RRS articles to Camden and Newark.
    • Ereserves statistics. We reviewed web access statistics for eres documents. These are not "use" statistics! Questions were raised about relatively high numbers-- thousands of hits on a document for course with limited enrollment for example. It has to do with caches, how pages are delivered and counted (as hits) during one use (hit) of the document.
    • Y-2 Contingency Plan. We have been asked to elaborate on a contingency plan for manual circulation. Libraries will perform check out only. We will manually write down the borrower's barcode, SNN, and status, and the barcode of item(s) borrowed.. Returned materials will not be discharged, reserves and requests will not be processed, fines and replacement fees will not be collected, and new borrowers will not be registered. Standalone circulation software may be used for check out if local libraries decide volume warrants its use (and power is available! which we assume it will be if we're in the building doing manual circulation)" Barry mentioned that all security systems are Y2K compliant. Treadwell questioned open hours on Sun., Jan.2, 2000, are they necessary? Question was asked about user publicity for downtime in January, needed soon, and could it include a statement about getting reserve lists in early because we won't be processing them during downtime, perhaps make reference to the new online Reserve Request form, if available.
    • RRS Replies. The NB RRS functional group has generated and edited Replies/macros for use of library RRS staff processing Requests. Bill volunteered to create a Keyboard Express file with the replies and macros, and test them on forms. We will then ask Anne Butman to make them available on all T drives for sharing.

  4. How Do I? compilation. Answers are being edited.

  5. Updates and Information Sharing.

    • Area codes officially change in Camden on Saturday. Robeson's Kurzweil machine has been moved to its own room in the basement of the library.
    • Annual cumulative July Missing book reports were not sent to Database Management to withdraw copies, policy will be reviewed.
    • Maggie asked if libraries are still maintaining 505 lists with old bills from 1970s?
    • Suggestion to change our overrides in late January after 99.2 has been installed.
    • Bindery and other "users" created for library work are under review.
    • New Kilmer/Art Library LA has been appointed with 1-9 p.m. schedule. RUNet 2000 work is underway at Kilmer.
    • User Survey will take place next week. Why wasn't a question asked about use of email, use of ereserves?
    • RRS and ILS have increased at Chemistry.
    • Sothy is on vacation Dec.1-18, Lisa will work days.
    • Request from CAS to remove ALCNJ from Unicorn. Not possible because A Team uses ALCHL? Karen will confirm.
    • ILS/Alex is beta testing RLG's ILL Manager software. Reminder to use the due date on ILL item bands. ILS is recalling ILL items when they are recalled by the owning institution.
    • Reports of RRS reference books, with bands, checked out of libraries. Reminder these do not circulate.
    • Chang experienced a flood, from condensation from a duct on the ceiling.

NEXT MEETING: December meeting is CANCELED, as we concentrate on U99.2 training. Spring semester meetings will be scheduled and we will rotate locations (including a meeting in Newark).

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