Minutes of May 7, 2009 Meeting

Françoise Puniello (Chair), Jeff Teichmann, Ryan Womack, Judy Gardner, Elizabeth Leister, Myoung Wilson and Bill Puglisi (recorded minutes).
Kevin Mulcahy
Tim Corlis and Valeda Dent


Review of Plans Submitted for Reference Room / Carpet Installation

Françoise informed the committee that the carpet installation was moving forward and a vendor had been selected. Production of the carpet will take 6-8 weeks, so the installation is anticipated in mid-late June. Before this can happen many other steps must be taken first, such as Material Services must demo all the service desks in the Ref Room and Undergrad Reading Room; bookshelves must be dismantled after all books are removed; REHS will do carpet removal/asbestos abatement; card catalogs must be picked up; computers must be moved and temporary Reference Desks must be set up in the lobby. Facilities has promised to install the new sprinkler pipes in these areas prior to the carpet installation. To allow REHS to perform their duties, the Reference Room will be closed on or about June 15 and will not be accessible to anyone other than REHS workers.

Françoise reviewed the proposed design of the Ref Room regarding the positioning of the bookshelves and the proposed conversion of the Electronic Resource Room into Group Study Rooms. The current TV Viewing Room may serve a dual purpose in the future as a TV Presentation/Study Room.

Jeff explained his space requirement calculations considering the amount of volumes already weeded from the collection. The old Ref Desk from Music may be used as the (temporary) new Ref Desk for Alex. Harvey Dessel is researching alternatives for the new Welcome Desk for the lobby. Gallery 50 will remain as is. A time line for the sequence of events will be prepared prior to the installation.

The meeting adjourned at 10:05 AM

Next meeting

Unless otherwise informed, this will be the last meeting of this committee

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