Minutes of March 28, 2002 Meeting

Judy Gardner, Ann Montanaro, Samson Soong, Addie Tallau, Farideh Tehrani

The results and some initial findings of the E-journal user survey were reviewed. The answers to the question on user's department/major were recoded by Addie into five department groupings, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Interdisciplinary, and Undeclared/Other. The "grouped" departments were then cross-tabulated with a number of other questions allowing us to see any significant differences across the department groupings. The answers to Question #12 (If funding were available, what e-journal would you like us to purchase?) generated many specific suggestions. Based on these answers, Addie also prepared a list of the suggested titles indicating if we already have any electronic access and the vendor proving the title, if we have the title in paper, and if the title is available in electronic format. This useful listing has been shared with CDC members at their recent meeting. To allow analyses, the answers to the question on what users like most about e-journals will be recoded into 10 major categories, e.g. availability, accessibility, searchability, convenience, easy to use, etc. The responses to the question on what they dislike most will also be recoded into 10 general categories, e.g. problems with years/volumes available, problems in accessing, difficulty in locating, computer problems in using, etc. Since there were some discrepancies in the data files used to do the analyses, Samson will forward another copy of the data set to Addie. We expect to finalize our findings of this survey soon.

The initial Ask-a-Librarian user survey was conducted during the week of March 11 which did not generate many responses. One of the reasons, we think, was that our request of user to complete the survey was mixed with the answer our people provided. A follow-up request was sent out which produced more responses. These responses will be analyzed in the coming weeks, but it can be said that the method we used was not the most effective for a survey on a service of this kind. The group also discussed the potential anonymity issues as a result of the approach we used in sending out the follow-up requests to complete the survey.

We will not have a meeting in April and our next meeting will be held at 9:30 am on Wednesday, May 15. It was decided that at that meeting we would discuss what we plan to do in the coming year.

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