LibQUAL+™ Questions 2005 for Rutgers University Library System & VALE

The LibQUAL+™ survey includes 22 core questions which measure user perceptions of Service Affect, Information Control, and Library as Place. Here are the 2005 questions and their corresponding concepts.

1.  Employees who instill confidence in users.  Affect of Service
2.  Making electronic resources accessible from my home or office.  Information Control
3.  Library space that inspires study and learning.  Library as Place
4.  Giving users individual attention.  Affect of Service
5.  A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own.  Information Control
6.  Employees who are consistently courteous.  Affect of Service
7.  The printed library materials I need for my work.  Information Control
8.  Quiet space for individual activities.  Library as Place
9.  Readiness to respond to users' questions.  Affect of Service
10.  The electronic information resources I need.  Information Control
11.  Employees who have the knowledge to answer user questions.  Affect of Service
12.  A comfortable and inviting location.  Library as Place
13.  Employees who deal with users in a caring fashion.  Affect of Service
14.  Modern equipment that lets me easily access needed information.  Information Control
15.  Employees who understand the needs of their users.  Affect of Service
16.  Easy-to-use access tools that allow me to find things on my own.  Information Control
17.  A getaway for study, learning, or research.  Library as Place
18.  Willingness to help users.  Affect of Service
19.  Making information easily accessible for independent use.  Information Control
20.  Print and/or electronic journal collections I require for my work.  nformation Control
21.  Community space for group learning and group study.  Library as Place
22.  Dependability in handling users' service problems.  Affect of Service

ADDED VALE QUESTIONS - Because we are participating as part of a consortia we were able to add the following questions which were decided on by a group of participating VALE librarians.

1.  Contribution to the intellectual atmosphere of the campus.  Library as Place
2.  Making me aware of library resources and services.  Affect of Service
3.  Efficient interlibrary loan / document delivery.  Affect of Service
4.  Providing me with the information skills I need for my work or study.  Affect of Service
5.  Librarians providing help that assists in finding information needed now while improving my research skills.  Affect of Service

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