Academic Excellence Quality Indicators - Definitions

The Academic Excellence Quality Indicators were developed by Cabinet to define areas in which the Rutgers University Libraries will build targets for self-evaluation, assessment, and improvement. Four terms are being used to develop Quality Indicators: Perspective, Criteria, Measures, and Methods. A fifth category, Targets, will identify the measurable target of improvement for each category once the base indicators are established.

Perspective is the view of the library from a particular stakeholder community. Each perspective represents an significant identifiable community that the library serves.

Criteria identify the areas of importance to each perspective (particular stakeholder community). The various criteria identified will be measured to determine excellence on the part of the library.

Measures are specific, quantifiable assessment indicators of quality for each criteria.

Methods are the means by which the measures will be obtained.

Targets will be improvement goals for each of the criteria. Targets will be established after the first measures are obtained and used as a base from which progress can be rated.

Posted September 30, 2004
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