Validation Process Focus Group Reports
Pat Tumulty, Executive Director of New Jersey Library Association

Pat Tumulty, Executive Director of NJLA
September 29, 2004
Heyer Conference Room, SCC 404 Alexander
Library, CAC, New Brunswick

1. How do you think the citizens of NJ use the Rutgers University Library system?

2. What role do you think the library should play for the citizens of NJ?.

3. How can a state university library benefit the state as a whole?

4. Have you encountered any barriers(service failures) in your relations with RULS?

5. If you were creating measures for evaluating the impact of RULS on NJ citizens, what measures do you think would be important?

6. Of the measures you identified which is the most important?

7. Please suggest or identify individuals or groups who can participate in this assessment process. We specifically seek people who are able to evaluate the role that the RULS fulfills for the citizens of the state of New Jersey

Other - basic message. RULS needs to participate more in state activities and especially NJLA.

Basic Conclusions after meeting with the State Librarian & NJLA Executive Director

WE will change the Academic Excellence Quality Indicators criteria to Awareness and Collaboration instead of Service and develop new measures.

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