Minutes of October 23, 2002 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ines Gessner, Shirley Lewis, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Andy Martinez, Nita Mukherjee, and Jeff Teichmann.
Antoinette Peteet (University honoring her for 30 years of service).


Welcome Andy Martinez
The group welcomed Andy Martinez to the group.

1. New Place Hold Procedures

Barry congratulated the group for all its work in proposing new billing place hold procedures, developing the proposal, and seeing it accepted systemwide. The group reviewed how best to handle interactions with BARRED users, not yet on academic hold, who wish to renew their material. After discussion with a BARRED user, we may change his/her status to OK and permit the user to renew the long overdue items. This discussion should cover all the points regarding how to renew in SELF SERVICES, making sure the user knows his/her PIN, and the consequences of being placed on academic hold if the user remains BARRED for an extended period of time or prior to fall and spring registration and graduation.

Once users have been placed on academic hold, however, they must bring in all long overdue materials to have their academic hold removed and borrowing privileges reinstated.

Barry distributed to the group a draft for a form response which could be used for AAL questions coming from BARRED users who wish to renew:

You were not able to renew your material because you had allowed it to become more than 40 days overdue. As the overdue notices sent to you point out, not returning or renewing long overdue material will cause your borrowing privileges to be blocked and make you subject to being placed on academic hold for registration and transcripts.

At this moment, you have not yet been placed on academic hold. I am lifting the block on your borrowing privileges now so that you may visit IRIS on the libraries homepage (www.libraries.rutgers.edu), click on SELF SERVICES, and renew your overdue item(s), using the “Renew Your Checkouts” option.

In the future, please stay in touch with your borrowing activity through SELF SERVICES. There you may always see a list of your current checkouts, their date dues, and whether or not they have been recalled.

If you do not follow through and either renew or return your material prompty, you will be placed on academic hold and, at that point, would need to return the material to any Rutgers library.

If you do not know your library PIN, you may obtain it by visting or calling the Circulation Desk of any Rutgers library. You may also obtain your PIN by visting http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/forms/reg_pin.shtml and flling out the “PIN Registration Request Form.”

Andy suggested that we detail the steps for the user to take (i.e., clicking on IRIS, selecting SELF SERVICES) in our form response. [This form response has been approved and distributed to the AAL team by Judy Gardner].

The group next discussed what follow up, if any, should be done by staff members (either in-person or through AAL) to ensure that the BARRED user has followed through and either renewed or returned their long overdue materials. Jeff suggested a 48 hour time frame for the user to renew or return, and a check by the staff member who has aided the user to see if the user has completed the necessary steps. Jeff’s recommendation was soundly premised on the understanding that only BARRED users would be indentified on the 3 times per year report and the follow up would be a way to make sure that a user who doesn’t follow through and renew or return after discussion with staff will not escape being later place on academic hold. [Subsequent discussion among group members via email postmeeting, led the group to agree that this follow up by staff would not be necessary after all. Judy pointed out that the reports would be designed to that any BARRED users who may neglect to follow staff instructions about renewal or return will be captured on a report done by Systems that will identify not only BARRED users who need academic holds but also any users who have long overdue items which extend back to a designated date. Chris Sterback will meet with Judy and Barry to work out these parameters for the reports and their schedule.]

2. Scheduling the Reports for Placing Academic Holds

The group identified the three dates that it believes would be most useful for scheduling the reports of BARRED users/long overdue users to run:

How best to distribute the work of placing the acadmic and diploma holds will be determined in the future by the group.

3. Old Hold Lists

Each group member brought to the meeting their unit’s pre-029 report old hold list. The group has been discussing how best to resolve bills that pre-date GEAC (i.e., IBM keypunch system) and go back to the 1970s and early 1980s. This work will be part of a coordinated effort to update current WorkFlows records for books that are long overdue for 2 or more years and for which expectations of return are slim.

4. GEAC LOST searching

The units—in coordination with Collection Management FG—are completing their final searches for mid 1980s billed items that remain outstanding on user records in WorkFlows. Lists of these items will be shared with selectors so that withdrawal from the collection can proceed.

5. Review of Recent Billing Training in the Units

In August, Georgina, Ines, Megan Doyle, Nita, Shirley, and Barry participated in delivering billing training to Access Services staff at their units. Because of the multiple staffing changes at Alexander, Antoinette and Jeff needed to postpone their training presentations. At Douglass, Nita reported that she and Megan toggled between the group’s PowerPoint training documention and Test WorkFlows, enbabling staff to work hands-on. Nita put together a handout as well. One aspect that Nita found that the staff particularly appreciated, was a demonstration of how to price books online using Amazon or Books in Print. Ines and Shirley attended this session at Douglass, finding it helpful to shaping their presentations. Ines and Shirley then delivered five training sessions, with handouts, to staff at LSM, Alcohol Studies, Chemistry, Math, and Physics. They also performed follow up with new staff at the branches, who needed training in all aspects of billing work. Georgina provided a training session, with handouts, to staff at Kilmer.

6. New Training Needs

Barry reminded everyone to train the staff in their unit on how to handle discussions with users regarding BARRED status. Barry’s email announcement, providing guidelines for staff on how to work with BARRED users when they arrive at the desk or phone, was forwarded by Judy to the RUL circ_sub listserv.

7. Billing Statistics

Nita asked how our new place hold procedures for billing will affect the statistics the group maintains for the annual report. The group discussed and agreed to continue recording everything it does now, but to add the following statistic—USERS BARRED. This figure will normally be recorded after receiving the 40 day overdue report for a user and confirming that the overdue books are not on shelf. According to the new procedures, the user will be BARRED at 40 days overdue, but no academic hold will be placed.

8. Announcements

Ines announced that with Kumu’s resignation at LSM, she is currently working alone with voucher help in the evening.

Nita reported on the contruction plans at Douglass and how staff members have taken on different responsibilites related to the planning of the move, slated for next spring. With Megan now at Chemistry, her vacated weekend hours are being filled by Douglass staff taking turns to assist.

Shirley reported that her old hold list (308) changed from one week to the next for some reason. Barry agreed to investigate this.

Georgina announced that Paul Young had joined the fulltime staff at Kilmer, making Kilmer fully staffed for the first time in almost two years.

Jeff reported that Antoinette was being honored by the University on the day of the meeting for 30 years of service. CONGRATULATIONS, ANTOINETTE!

Next Meeting: New date for November, Tuesday, November 26, 2002 at 3 pm at Kilmer.

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