Minutes of December 22, 2004 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Ray Balter, Barry Lipinski(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Penny Weniger, and Don Wilson.
Ines Gessner, Shirley Lewis, Antoinette Peteet, and Melanie Robinson.


1. Examination of Damaged Books Document

The group went line-by-line examining the Damaged Books document that Nita had revised. Several changes were suggested concerning the sequence of procedures, when to use the damaged book stamp, and specific wording. Nita will make the edits and the group will revisit the document at the January meeting.

2. Confidentiality of Library Records

The group looked at the Universityís Parental Notification Policy and RULís Access Services Policy Memo #3: The Confidentiality of Library Records. Penny provided a recent example involving a discussion with a studentís father where she made clear to the parent the limits of what information she could provide to him. Georgina shared with the group a copy of the Release Form that the Universityís Parental Notification Policy offers. The form, filled out by the student requesting the release of confidential information to a parent, requires a notary and covers the following: 1) Official Transcript, 2) Financial Aid Record(s), 3) Judicial Affairs File(s), 4) Student Accounts Information, 5) Deansí Office File(s), 6) Residence Life File(s), 7) Other (provide description), and 8) All of My Records. The group wishes to know would this Release Form be recognized by the libraries? Would borrower activity be discussed with a parent if the parentís daughter or son has authorized the discussion on the Release Form? If it would be accepted by the libraries, how would the form be delivered and itís coverage recognized by library staff?

Barry presented Jeff Teichmanís concern about other matters of confidentiality. Jeff questioned why it was necessary on the RUL Request for Payment (Refund) Form to provide the title of the book to be refunded. Jeff wondered where this information ultimately resided in the University once it left the RUL Business Office. Following the meeting, Barry brought these concerns about the Release Form and refund procedures to the attention of Judy Gardner, Roger Smith, and the New Brunswick Coordinators. Judy will follow up.

Another recommendation offered by Jeff is that library staff be careful not to leave confidential information uncovered on service area desktops or on staff personal desktops, e.g., the Delinquent Accounts 029 Report of students and former students on financial hold for billed library material.

3. Cash Transmittal Procedures

The group reported on its discussions with Cashiers Office supervisors on their respective campuses regarding the need for a new stamp for cash transmittals now that Fleet Bank has become Bank of America. Following the script outlined in University Cashier Susan McGovernís November 2, 2004 memo, the group agreed on the stampís wording, including the use of Rutgers University Libraries as the Department Name and the book account number. Following the meeting, Barry delivered the groupís recommendation for the stamp wording to Judy and Roger for approval. Jill Morrow ordered the stamp from Staples and has distributed it to billing staff in the units.

4. Training Update

Georgina shared with the group training updates in the PowerPoint slides she and Melanie had developed after the previous meetingís discussion. She encouraged the group to examine the slides and provide any further suggestions.

5. Information Sharing

Don reported that he has been sending out claims returned follow up letters resulting in several payments. He has also been active with other Alexander staff in ďfood patrolĒ monitoring throughout the building.

Nita informed the group that she had completed the training of Music Library staff in RDS procedures, and that the Music staff now does RDS processing for Music items that are requested.

Georgina and Barry reported on several thefts (textbooks, wallet) that hit Kilmer in a four-day span.

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