Minutes of March 28, 2007 meeting

Sandy Marsh, Maggie Harris, Will Torres, Antoinette Peteet, May Chin, Rebecca Luo, Melanie Miller, Lucy Vidal (guest), Georgina Alonzo, and Barry Lipinski (recorder).
Shirley Lewis and Nita Mukherjee.


Barry began the meeting introducing Lucy Vidal, Administrative Coordinator of the Women’s Global Center at the Center for Women’s Programs, Douglass Campus. Lucy is a SCILS student who is working as an intern this semester at Kilmer Library, assisting Access Services and Information Services.

1. Mid Year Report

The group examined its goals for 2006-2007 and the progress it has made on each one:

2. Place Holds Recap

Using an Already Barred report that listed all users with 40 day overdue charges or recalls with a due date between the range 8/18/2006 to 1/2/2007 that have already been barred, the group examined 456 user records and placed 392 academic holds on undergraduate and graduate students. All work was submitted to Student Financial Services by March 5, 2007 so that Delinquent Accounts could send out warning notices to the students alerting them to their need to return or pay for lost items prior to registering for the Fall 2007 semester.

3. Upcoming Diploma Hold Alerts and Lists

Within the next week, we will be requesting from the Registrar an electronic list of May graduates for all schools. We will then send out an email courtesy diploma hold alert to all barred May graduates. Beginning Monday, April 23, 2007, the billing group will start placing diploma holds on those students who have not returned their overdue books or paid for their replacement. The deadline for placing all diploma holds is projected to be Tuesday, May 1, 2007. Last April, the group placed 146 diploma holds.

4. Delinquent Accounts Update

The group reviewed Nita Mukherjee’s helpful email summary of how the Delinquent Accounts process has now moved to phase two where current faculty/staff accounts with LOSTITEM obligations that have not been resolved by book return or payment have now been sent to Delinquent Accounts.

Barry reported that Judy and Chris have discussed making a change in the schedule for removing LONGOVRDUE items from the catalog. Judy will present this proposal at the April 12, 2007 Access Services Committee Meeting. When the 30-day letters went out to current faculty and staff, many books were returned that had already been removed from the catalog, producing “item not in catalog” messages. These books then needed to be forwarded to DTS and Cataloging for reinstatement into the catalog. The plan for next time is to send letters out over the summer and fall and then withdraw the items near the end of the year.

5. Follow up on How Long it Takes for Holds/Transcripts to Clear

Following up on a discussion at the last Billing Group Meeting, Barry reported on his recent conversations with staff at both the Student Financial Services and Transcripts Office. Both staff members suggested that library staff tell students and alumni who are trying to register on line or request transcripts and have just cleared their financial hold with the libraries to expect a 24 to 48 hour period before they would be able to register online or have their transcripts request approved. If a student appears in person at Student Financial Services with their blue student copy the financial hold will be removed immediately and the student can then register in person. For online registration, however, the 24 to 48 hour wait will remain in effect. Susan Dowd of Student Financial Services said she will also accept phone calls from library staff so that financial holds can be removed. Antoinette asked how long should we expect for campus mail delivery of remove holds to Student Financial Services. The group had no definitive answer to that question, but suggested 1 to 2 days for mail delivered from New Brunswick Libraries seemed reasonable to expect. Regarding Camden and Newark mail, Sandy and Maggie said that they both currently send one copy (pink) to their campus Registrar and the green copy to Student Financial Services, Busch Campus. Barry, Judy, and perhaps some other billing staff hope to have a meeting with Terry Wooding of Student Financial Services soon so that a broad range of issues can be discussed to further improve the coordination of work between RUL and Student Financial Services. The goal in mind is to make service to the student the best it can be.

6. Revision of Staff Resources Web Page

The group came to the meeting having reviewed all of the documents relevant to billing that currently reside on the RUL web page, the NBL web page, and on library T-drives. Recommendations for documents to appear on a revised Staff Resources Web Page were made by the group following Judy’s guidelines for grouping them: 1) Use on web page, OK as is; 2) Use on web page, needs updating; 3) Archive on web page; and 4) Remove/Delete.

Georgina and Melanie volunteered to update the group’s PowerPoint training document “Billing 101.”

Next the group sketched out a plan for the “look” of the page, including headers and the documents to appear under each one. Using this information, Barry said he would submit the document to Judy on April 6, 2007.

7. Ivies+ Symposium Report

Barry and Melanie reported on their participation in the May 15-16, 2007 Ivies+ Symposium hosted by RUL. Both said it was an invigorating symposium. Barry led a morning breakout session on billing attended by 18 participants. It was a lively hour, full of interesting discussion. Rutgers’ approach to billing drew strong interest from the participants, who in the morning billing session represented Columbia, Penn, Pratt, Princeton, and Rutgers.

8. Information Sharing

Rebecca informed the group that ILS will be moving to the ILLiad interlibrary loan module for July 1, 2007.

Barry spoke about the new E-ZBorrow button in IRIS, which now appears on each catalog item eligible for an E-ZBorrow request. It is the hope of the group that this new feature will continue the positive trend toward fewer recalls and more E-ZBorrow requests.

Barry will schedule a training session in Sakai for the group.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at the Kilmer Media Classroom with videoconferencing to Dana (Special Collections Room) and Robeson (Library Conference Room 290).

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