Minutes of July 30, 2008 meeting

Georgina Alonzo, Maggie Harris, Kristen Ko, Shirley Lewis, L. Melanie Miller, Nita Mukherjee, Antoinette Peteet, Jeff Teichmann (recorder)
Sandy Marsh


Announcements/Information Sharing

Jeff announced changes in the group membership: Kristen Ko (Art Library) joined the group and Rebecca Luo (ILS) has left the group. Also, he stated that recording of the group minutes will rotate between group members unless someone volunteers to take minutes.

Maggie reported that Ann Watkins is on leave and will not return as Circulation Librarian. Natalie Borisovets as head of Public Services would be acting as Circulation Librarian until a new person is hired.

Nita reported Penny will handle day-to-day billing issues at Douglass while she is covering the Chang library.

Review of Annual Report

Jeff asked the group if there were any questions on the annual report. The group discussed the 2008-09 goals and as a group will focus primarily on revising/creating documentation, staff training and investigating the claim return function of WorkFlows. The remaining goals are: revising the process of placing academic holds and online bill payment options. There is a separate committee working on the online bill payment option, but it is not close to a reality yet. Procedures will be revised regarding the placing of academic holds. Jeff will produce an initial list of processes for documentation.

Placing Academic Holds

At the request of the University, the libraries will only be placing academic holds on users with overdue materials at the point of graduation. After some discussion the group came up with questions regarding the current students on hold, the possibility of losing touch with Oct/Jan graduates before the holds are placed, and can holds be placed on an as-needed basis. Jeff will investigate these questions with Judy.


Returned check procedures: This document is final and is ready to be posted. Jeff will forward to Sam McDonald for posting.

Partial Payment Plans: Nita asked the group how payment plans were handled at other units. Various processes were described and the group concurred that a standard processes needed. Partial payment plan instructions will be added to the list of documentation items.

Standard Billing letters: Jeff questioned the group to determine if a standard format letter/email is being used for claim returned, damaged and other billing items. While the group agreed that while their letters are close in content, standard form letters would be better. This will be added to the list of documentation to be written.

Next Meeting August 27, 2008

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