Minutes of July 15, 2003 meeting

I. Bogus (Chair) A. De Chavez (Recorder) J Maguire, N. Sondhi


  1. LincPlus
  2. RFP update
  3. Procedures
  4. Projects (backlog/holdings)
  5. Collection Management Group

Meeting was called to order: 10:10 am

1. LincPlus

A decision was made that Rutgers would be a beta site for LincPlus. The software has been purchased and will be loaded into the test Workflows within the next couple of weeks. During our regular binding cycle we will randomly re-enter titles into the test Workflows and experiment with LincPlus.

2. RFP update

Samples for binding that were sent out to the 4 different Binderies, Heckman, ICI, Ocker & Trapp, and Brigeport have been returned and are in the process of being evaluated for the quality of workmanship and bidding negotiations have already taken place. Ian reported that in regards LincPlus, Heckman and ICI are both heavily involved while Bridgeport and Ocker & Trapp are not. This information may be important in making a decision considering we will most likely be using LincPlus in the future. Ian said that a decision would be reached within the next few days. It was also mentioned that the switch to a new Binder and/or the use of new Bindery Software might be the perfect time to clean up a lot of our ABLE records. It was suggested that Ian and Jamie review the report , Kayla ran of current titles bound.

3. Procedures

A. Spine formats - In order to have uniformity for spine imprints a standard was set-up. Ian presented the Spine Formats guidelines for everyone to review again and we all approved. Other conversations arose from the review of Spine Formats, we thought we should add information about the use “New Series” and “Series”. We also thought we should add instructions about where the call number should go if it’s unable to fit on the spine, please see the Decision Section of these minutes for more information. We also realized that ALEX & LSM have different ways displaying volume information on the spine. ALEX did not imprint V. on the spine while LSM always imprint V. on the spine. This issue needs further discussion. SuDoc call numbers will follow as is since they have their own rules call number system.

B. Bindery operation procedures - Comparison made between ALEX & LSM Bindery operation procedures. Both libraries almost have same procedures except for Account Number, ALEX has only two (2) accounts while LSM has eight (8) accounts. Ian said he will see what he can do on this, but it is likely if we switch binders that this will change anyway. As far as for Title Change the decision is the color should be changed and new bind number should be assigned. LSM will start to open the New/Cancelled database and enter all pertinent information.

C. Projects [Backlog/Holdings] - Ian said as far as the backlog, especially book repairs, our re-binding project helped out a lot. We should try our best not to get that backlogged again but until our empty line is filled this will be difficult. Iris Maintenance should being doing the necessary adjustments in the holding records, like search for full cataloging and the status of the book once the book has been repaired or rebound.

D. Collection Management Group - Ian will begin training two members from Collection Management Group to do Book Repairs. Training sessions will be Tuesday and Thursday for a few hours.


  1. Level should always be 1 inch from top of the book/journal.
  2. Monographs being bound should follow similar rules to serials. If there is volume information it should be printed in the center panel of spine while year should go at the end of the call number.
  3. All SuDoc call numbers should be printed on the spine as is, since SuDoc has their own rules and call number system.
  4. Call numbers can be printed on the upper left-hand corner of the book/journal if it does not fit on the spine.
  5. New Series/Series should be printed two lines below the title and should be treated as part of the title. New Series should be spelt out, not just printed as NS. Series should be spelt out and then just the number, example SERIES 9.
  6. Title Change the color should be changed and new bind number should be assigned.
  7. LSM will start to open the New/cancelled database and enter all pertinent information.


  1. Jamie will show Azon how to set the new format for new title.
  2. Ian will see what he can do for compressing LSM account number.
  3. Ian will write up something about Stamping.


  1. LSM account number.
  2. Volume (V.) to put or not to put on the spine of the book/journal for both ALEX & LSM.

Next meeting date: August 19, 2003
Location: LSM Collection Services, 3rd Fl.
Time: 10:00 am
Next recorder: Jamie Maguire
Backup recorder: Neera Sondhi

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