Minutes of August 20, 2003 meeting

I. Bogus (Chair), A. DeChavez, J. Maguire (recorder), N. Sondhi

Meeting was called to order @ 2:02pm


Due to budget complications all Rutgers University Libraries are on a Binding freeze. We are hopeful that by mid to late September the budget will be worked out and we will begin binding again. In the mean time, LSM has done the Iris Maintenance work to journals that were pulled before the bind freeze was initiated. Alexander library will discuss with Iris maintenance members about doing the same.

New Binder

Once we begin to bind again all of Rutgers University Libraries will be using the same binder and the official bindery chosen is ICI. Some of the Rutgers University Libraries have already been using ICI but for others it will be a change. LSM is one of the libraries that will be switching and this means some changes to our accounts in ABLE. We currently have a different account for each different unit we bind for ( Math U110, Chem U113 etc…) and different accounts within LSM (U109 MEDICAL, U115 REF etc…). Alexander library only has two different accounts, one for Serials and one for Monographs. Having so many different accounts complicates matters for ICI, and is more time consuming to manage on our part. When entering information into records we constantly have to switch back and forth between accounts. Both the libraries and ICI are working together to see what can be done in regards to this matter. This change in binders is also an opportune time to clean up our ABLE records, both ALEX & LSM have records in ABLE that are no longer active or are duplicated. We were provided with a report, run from SIRSI, of LSM active, bound titles, we decided to all sit down together on Friday (8/22/03) and compare that report with our records in ABLE. This way we will figure out the best approach for cleaning these records up.


As mentioned in previous minutes Rutgers has been chosen as a beta site for LincPlus, which is a new Bindery software, similar to ABLE. The software was purchased and installed and testing has begun. We have offered many suggest and are currently waiting for updates. In the near future we will begin converting some of our ABLE records into LincPlus. We have sent our bindery reports run from SIRSI to LincPlus in hopes that they will be able to just populate our records with the variable information on the bindery report. We are just testing but the possibilities seem endless and we are all very excited.


During this Bind freeze it is our main goal to knock out our backlog of repairs!


  1. ICI will be the official Bindery used by all Rutgers University Libraries.


  1. Meet Friday 8/22/2003 to formulate plan of attack for ABLE clean up.
  2. Ian talk to Susan about doing Iris maintenance part of journals pending binding.
  3. Ian discuss the use of supplements with LincPlus.
  4. Work on repairs backlog


  1. Iris maintenance work at Alex
  2. ABLE accounts consolidation
  3. Binding

Next Meeting date: September 16, 2003
Location: ALEX
Time:10 am
Next recorder: Neera Sondhi
Backup recorder: Azon DeChavez

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/bindery/minutes/bindery_03-08-20.shtml
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