Minutes of April 13, 2004 meeting

Ian Bogus(Chair), Azon De Chavez(Recorder), Ingrid Diaz, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi


  1. LINCPlus
  2. New Workflow
  3. Projects
  4. Statistics

Meeting was called to order @ 1:35 pm

  1. LINCPlus – Using LINCPlus software was temporarily stopped due to some reasons. Ian is working hard with the proper person involved to make a necessary measure and to fix the software to be more accurate, reliable and realistic. Hopefully, the updating of software will be done as soon as possible.
  2. New Workflow – So far, the New Binding Workflow is going smoothly.
  3. Projects –
    • SLMR Binding Projects handled by Alexander Collections Services and under the supervisions of Ian Bogus, NB Bindery, Coordinator, he reported to the group it is in great progress. The target quantity to box, pack and label are two hundred (200) - two hundred fifty (250) bindable units in a week.
    • Missing Pages Project at LSM – Jamie said the project is slow down and not have too much backlog. Ian mentioned the another project that needs attention is the NJ State Document Projects. Some criteria to be considered: evaluate the collections, allocation of money, time frame, number of staffs to be involved.
  4. Statistics – Getting statistics for the entire New Binding Workflow still a big challenge. Putting in ABLE, the estimated time is three minutes per title, included the barcoding of the bindable units but not included updating the records. And five minutes, time estimated for charging and discharging per bound volume. ALEX bindery statistics seems worked well compared to LSM bindery statistics. Jamie suggested and recommended to split the flow of work to LSM bindery staff members. Barcode/Bound Check in/Charge out will be assigned to one bindery staff then ABLE will be assigned to another bindery staff and will be rotated among themselves for five days. Charging and discharging of the bindable units/bound volumes will try to spend half day to determine actual statistics.

Other Matters

LSM library materials that has been sent to Bindery Dept. for repair, fix, books & journals with missing pages have no clear policy on how to handle and manage the materials.. Jamie will talk to Michelle of Access Services. Rebinding of books and journals is on hold.


  1. LINCPlus will temporarily stop to use.


  1. Ian will continue working with the proper person to make the necessary steps to fix LINCPlus.
  2. Jamie will talk to Michelle of LSM Access Services Re: Policy of Charging & Discharging of LSM Books & Journals send to LSM Bindery Dept.


  1. LINCPlus implementation.
  2. NJ State Document Projects
  3. Statistics
  4. Rebinding of books & journals.

Meeting adjourned @ 3:05 pm

Next meeting: Tuesday May 11, 2004
Place: LSM/CSD Time: 9:00 am
Next Recorder: Ingrid Diaz
Backup Recorder: Jamie Maguire

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