University Librarian's Cabinet: Minutes of the September 7, 2004 Meeting

Agnew, Boyle, Fultz, Gaunt, Golden, Mullins, Puniello, Sewell, Tehrani, Zapcic

University Librarian's Report - Gaunt

Budget Review for AY04-05: Discussion of Funds Available Centrally and at the Units for RUL Programs and Priorities; Review of Projected Salary Savings; Identification of Major Purchases and Cost Increases in Existing Programs/Activities - Gaunt

Gaunt distributed additional handouts from Hendrickson on projected salary savings and RUL faculty and staff lines available. The major impetus for the discussion was to look at where we might have some flexibility in our budget. University budget overall will be tight this year. For the future we will have to examine fixed costs vs. non-fixed costs for collections. We will not know the impact of the Knowledge Initiative until November. We should not be optimistic about additional state funds at this time. Cabinet members agreed to review projections for salary savings and priorities for open positions. Decisions for use of both will be based on library-wide priorities. Also need feedback on major purchase priorities and significant increases in existing operations.

Follow-up on Creth Meetings - Gaunt

Cabinet reviewed the unedited chart of comments that resulted from the various campus discussions with Sheila Creth and suggested a few minor changes in arrangement. Discussed providing a summary report or condensation but Sheila cautioned there might be concerns from some individuals if all information was not shared. Agreed to arrange comments by categories discussed in each session and put similar comments together, but not to make any other changes in the chart.

Next steps will be to determine commonalities among the comments that are important to address early on, items that are campus specific, areas where we are already working or have committees or groups to do follow-up, and items that might more appropriately be incorporated in the strategic plan. A draft of next steps in this area will be included on a future Cabinet agenda. Agreed that issues related to system-wide and local priorities surfaced in several ways and Cabinet will discuss these as a separate issue. A retreat will be scheduled to consider this, as it affects the roles of directors and AULs. The chart with a cover memo will be shared on RUL_Everyone as a first step.

Display of Political Realia in the Libraries and Work Place Agnew/Boyle

Due to the current high interest in the Presidential election, questions were raised about display of political realia in the work place. Cabinet reviewed the current situation regarding the displays of political buttons, posters, banners, etc. and noted after some discussion their appreciation of the discretion all library personnel, particularly those working in public areas, use in displaying political realia. Cabinet discussion concluded nothing further needed.

VALE LibQual Meeting Report Golden

Boyle, Susan Beck, and Golden attended a VALE LibQual meeting to determine whether VALE wanted to participate in LibQual. Consensus was to do it in the spring; as a consortium we get to customize five extra questions. LibQual uses gap analysis, among minimum, desired, and perceived services to measure effective service, library as a place, and information control. Can compare to other ARL institutions. Golden will register this month and apply for IRB approval. Decided we should survey faculty and students at this time; need to come up with email addresses of participants and plan publicity. Survey takes about twenty minutes to complete; suggested respondents be given a prize for completing survey. Will be a part of our assessment process and establish benchmarks. Golden will distribute to Cabinet questions from last year's survey; will review five additional questions.






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